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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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Portals Open Up in Rancho Cordova



By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
Email: jazmaonline@gmail.com
Sacramento Paranormal Haunted Hotline: 916 203 7503

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Date to be there: January 12, 2019 Saturday / Time to be there: 3pm.  Contact Person: Renee Torres. Address to be at: 11257 Coloma Road, Unit B8; Rancho Cordova. Renee believes he has a portal or some kind of interdimensional doorway at his warehouse. He constantly hears people talking and music from a radio and there is no radio. He hears about 8 people talking (men and women). One voice sounds demonic. One voice sounds like a woman being choked out. One entity who may have a good sense of humor told Renee in a recording that he is from Biosphere Tegos 1 from outside of our galaxy. One entity identifies itself as a Jinn. Renee saw a shadow person in the warehouse and hears constant walking and hears voices when his artificial waterfall is turned on. Very weird experiences in this warehouse.

Renee has been at this warehouse for 2 years.  The place is filled with antiques.  Is it possible that some of the entities haunting this warehouse could be attached to some of the antiques?  Wendy thinks so.  I think so. Perhaps portals opened up, because of the old mirrors lying around this warehouse.  Deanna thinks so, I think so.  HPI Paranormal Investigators Present:  Christina Vonacek; Justin Mather; Wendy Hughes; Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paul Dale Roberts - Co-Owner.  Christina, Justin and Wendy are empaths and sensitives and did a walk through with Deanna Jaxine Stinson - HPI Co-Owner and Medium Psychic.  Deanna picked up on an old lady who walks up and down one area of the warehouse.  Ghost Identified: WAREHOUSE GRANNY.  Renee says that there is indeed an old lady hanging around his warehouse and has heard her voice.  Deanna picked up on a monkey type of creature on the balcony.  Christina picks up on the monkey creature on the balcony too, they see it hopping around and looking down from the balcony.  ENTITY IDENTIFIED:  MOKO, THE MONKEY CREATURE.  The reason why I called this creature Moko is when Deanna and Christina was telling me about this creature, the name Moko kept resonating in my mind.  Renee confirms that there is a monkey type of creature up on the balcony.  Renee hears the impish creature moving around.  We capture an EVP (Class A) on the balcony of a man saying "go away", but before that you can hear an unearthly growl.  That growl is possibly Moko.  Renee explains to us that sometimes he hears multiple voices in the warehouse and that is exactly what happened.  While I was trying to obtain EVPs, Wendy and Christina heard a full on conversation coming from the other room and there was nobody in that room!  Renee says sometimes he hears laughter in the warehouse.  On the first floor we capture an EVP, the entity says "no" when asking if he wanted to talk.  Justin captures a strange looking orb in one of the rooms.  Justin explored the balcony before any of us and he felt there was definitely something up there.  Christina, me and Deanna explored it on the 2nd go around.  I felt dizzy going up there and as I was coming down the steps, I felt something push on my chest, as if it wanted to make me fall from the ladder.  Could that have been Moko?  Renee says that he encountered one entity that told him..."keep walking, keep walking."

All in all, this was a good investigation, there was a lot of cool things to look at, superhero pictures, old antiques, old paintings, figurines, etc.  No blessing is required, Renee is comfortable with the entities haunting his warehouse. Thank you to Wendy for giving Deanna 11 sets of tarot cards.  Deanna gave Wendy and Renee cleansing materials and gave Christina a cool cap that had Binx from Hocus Pocus on it.  

Special Note: Jayme Closs
A while back, my wife a psychic medium does live Facebook tarot card readings and one of her viewers asked Deanna about the missing Jayme Closs, if she was alive or dead.  Deanna said that she saw a forest where she was at and that she was very much alive.  A viewer saw Deanna's video and berated Deanna about giving a family false hopes.  Come to find out Jayme Closs is indeed very much alive and thank god she is alive.  What a miracle.  Jayme was discovered walking in the woods in oversized shoes.  One of my Jazma Online! volunteers was featured on the news.  His comments about the discovery of Jayme Closs can be seen here, his name is Allen Klingelhoets:  www.weau.com/content/news/Jayme-Closs--504191001.html


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On 1/13/2019 at 3:01 AM, toast said:


Expect anything less from a guy who says he taught aircraft I.D. to special ops while wearing a ski mask and a Soviet uniform and claims real Windigos have antlers?  :yes:

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