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Tales from the Mist

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Goddess of the Mist


Rose, Black, Blood, Gothic

Misplaced and misunderstood

and again, only judged by the cover

This has nothing to do with it

it’s not even me!

There’s so much more to discover…


Tramped and traipsed all over the place

lonely and anxious, you’re just like me

demons from the past have come

and I can’t see wrong from right

in this time of foggy uncertainty


Synchronicities running high

and what I feel for you is the remedy

for the loves that have lost

and the ones never been

forgotten in your irresistible, kissable legacy


Waiting to be explored

in this circle of light that some call doom

from the shadow realm you appear to me

you hardly know me yet

as you wait in the light of the moon


Some said you were evil, some good

I said you were neither

and we stayed up late to be next to each other

two hearts on fire with the heat of each other

from vengeance grows

a need to honor the soul





©2019 by Goddess of the Mist






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