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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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The Chowchilla Quincy Factor

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By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
Email: jazmaonline@gmail.com
Sacramento Paranormal Haunted Hotline: 916 203 7503

I recently received phone calls and text messages from a family in Quincy and a family from Chowchilla.  Both families are claiming that their homes are haunted and they need help.  I referred them to paranormal groups in their area.  The reason why I didn't take the cases, is because we are booked up months ahead and they need help now.  I gave them information on how they can cleanse their homes and both families say they are going to take my advice.  Let me tell you a bit about the haunting activities for both towns and my connection with a case that took me to both towns to help one family.

Quincy being a Gold Rush town has plenty of history.  One of their notables is Louise Clappe, a diarist.  Joan Larkin from Jackson, CA says that she believes she saw Louise Clappe walking the streets of Quincy and then sitting on the grass writing in what appeared to be a diary.  Louise Clappe may still be haunting Quincy.  GHOST IDENTIFIED: LOUISE CLAPPE.  Another female ghost is the OROVILLE QUINCY HWY BLUE DRESS GHOST.  A well documented sighting is of an old lady in a blue or purple dress holding a basket is seen walking along the side of the Oroville Quincy Highway.  Most people that sight her, say she is wearing a blue dress.  When I was in Quincy, I investigated the Keddie Resort.  At the Keddie Resort, an unsolved murder of a family in Cabin 28 took place.  The cabin had some strange occurrences, like odd writing on the wall and chairs and tables being moved around.  When I investigated Cabin 28, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  We also captured an EVP that said..."death comes easy".  While investigating Cabin 28, we were politely asked to leave.  

What is weird about Chowchilla is that the Chaushila Yokut Indian tribe's translation of Chaushila / Chowchilla basically means "murderers".  Most people of this town say that all of Chowchilla is haunted.  The location of the infamous 1976 bus kidnapping, people say that they still can hear children screaming.  Residual negative energy that replays itself over and over again in the atmosphere.  Locals say there are plenty of ghosts at their two prisons.  The prisons are: Central California Women's Facility and Valley State Prison.  Due to the murders and suicides at both prisons, the prisons are known for their haunting activity.  Special Note: In 1977, I applied as a Correctional Officer at the Valley State Prison.  I applied at the Valley State Prison and California Medical Facility (prison) in Vacaville.  There was a freeze on hiring, so I did not get a position with those 2 prisons.  When I was in Chowchilla, I stopped off at Save Mart - 1225 E. Robertson Blvd to hunt down THE CLAWED MAN with my wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson, psychic medium.  The Clawed Man has huge gashes on his face and his breath smells like rotten meat.  Deanna felt a negative presence in one part of the store and I smelled what I thought was rotten meat.  They say this Save Mart is one of the most haunted stores in the world.  Another ghost that haunts Chowchilla is ROSEMARY.  Rosemary had a tea house in Chowchilla.  Rosemary was known to read Turmeric tea leaves and one day the leaves predicted her death.  To beat the prediction, Rosemary climbed to the roof of her tea house and jumped.  When she landed she broke her neck and died.  They tore down the tea house and in its place is the Chowchilla Library.  Some locals have made claim that they have seen Rosemary walking down the book aisles.  Claudia Shields says when she was visiting the library, she came across a woman ghost crying.  She at first thought the woman was real, but when she walked up to her to see what was making her cry, she just simply vanished.  Claudia believes this was Rosemary.

One of our confidential cases started at a home in Quincy. A family that does not want to be identified lived in a demonic possessed home in Quincy. The mother in this home says that a demonic entity is trying to possess her daughter. On one night they heard their daughter screaming and a pounding sound on the floor. When they opened up their daughter’s bedroom door, they saw the bed moving up and down and their daughter frozen with fear holding the bed and looking up to the ceiling. The parents started praying out loud and the shaking and moving of the bed finally ceased. They believe that they are harboring a demon. I asked how this demon got into their household? The mother says the demon was summoned because their son was dabbling in black magic and was conducting a ritual after beheading a large rat. The father, mother and daughter have all been scratched by the demon. The demon has also gotten into the minds of the daughter and son and tells them to hurt themselves or commit suicide. One night the demon was telling the daughter to break the mirror that she was looking into and take the shard piece of glass and cut her wrists. The daughter broke the mirror and cut her arm, but not severely to cause death. When Deanna and I, went to this home, Deanna felt strong negative energy throughout the house. I obtained two EVPs, one EVP said: “-------(name of daughter) is doomed.” The other EVP says “Demitris”. I believe the name of the demon is Demitris, because I kept yelling “who are you, tell me your name foul demon!” Deanna conducted a metaphysical cleansing of the house and I conducted a Roman Catholic house blessing. After we did this, the family said there was no more activity and that they were planning to relocate to Chowchilla, because of a promotion that the father received with a company. The family eventually moved to Chowchilla into a 3 bedroom house. All was peaceful for 2 months after the move. Their son again started dabbling in black magic and drew an upside down cross on the back wall of the house. The boy then cut his tongue and with his bleeding tongue licked the upside down cross that he drew on the back wall. The mother claims that in the laundry room she heard a deep threatening voice say: “Demitris is here!” Deanna and I, went back to this home and conducted another cleansing and I had the family take their daughter and son to a local Baptist Church to receive a full submersion baptism to get rid of the demon. They followed my advice and the demon is gone. Their daughter and son now act like normal kids. Special Note: A full submersion baptism is a basic form of exorcism. After the baptism, the attached demon will immediately leave the person. The family is now at peace.

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