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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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A Haunting in Rosemont

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By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations

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Date to be there: January 19, 2019 Saturday / Time to be there: 2pm.  Occupant: Shirley Romo. Mother passed away in the house, the occupant is trying to determine if the mother is haunting the home. Address to be at: Rosemont (Sacramento) CA

1/19/2019:  On this investigation it was me, my wife / psychic medium Deanna Jaxine Stinson and ghosthunter-in-training Willie Dengler.  Willie says he has done some ghost hunting on his own, but now he must learn the HPI way.  The home we went to in Rosemont is owned by Shirley Romo.  She tells us that her mother passed away on May 12, 2018.  Her mother enjoyed being in the kitchen.  Shirley started suspecting that her mother is in the house, because at times the house smelled like her mother.  Shirley's daughter Jordan Lopez says that birds are strangely hanging around in the backyard and have even flew into the window.  My theory on this is that the birds are attracted to an energy source and that energy source is the mother's aura that lingers at this home.  One of the daughters has actually seen the mother in this home.   Shirley believes there may be 5 entities in the home.  The entities are her mother, her father, her mother's brother, grandma's dog and some strange guy that looks through the window.  In fact the deceased mother when she was alive saw the man looking through the window.  The father may be around, because of his 1981 Silverado truck in the garage.  

Deanna and Willie did a walk-through.  Willie says he is a medium.  Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures deemed Deanna as a psychic medium.  Willie didn't pick up on anything.  Deanna picked up on energy throughout the house.  Deanna determined that there was a person that was killed on the other side of the fence and that he may be the peeking man in the window.  The temperature indicator started blinking red and when I asked if the mother was in the kitchen, a female voice was on the recorder that said "I'm here".  The family validates that the female voice is their mother.  Deanna picked up energy in the garage and took a picture inside the truck and captured a ghostly face that is surrounded by orbs.  The face was wearing a red shirt and a necklace.  The family verified that the father was a SF 49ers fan and would wear a red shirt and the necklace is something he would wear.  They looked at the face and determined that the photo was indeed their father.  I asked him if I could drive his truck and captured a "no" EVP.  Then he said he was "here".  The EVPs were clear as day.  We validated that the father and mother are still in this house.  We captured a "ya" evp, "hi" evp, "unintelligible whisper" evp.  On the night vision goggles, I saw various orbs flying around in this one bedroom.  I was not able to validate if the orbs were paranormal.

Great catch for Deanna, I was absolutely amazed at the photo and with the family saying that it was their father, that was validation enough!  Afterwards, Deanna conducted tarot card readings for Shirley and her daughter Jordan.  Thank you to this amazing family for the homemade cookies, bottled water and delicious vegetable dish.

Deanna takes a picture of a GHOSTLY FACE - direct link above!

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