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A man awake

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OA on Netflix. What a trip?

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White Crane Feather


So I’m just going to put this out there. The Netflix series “OA” looks as if it has been following our stories, conversations and blogs here on UM. Particularly mine. I know I can seem crazy sometimes, but the whole series has way to many points that parallel blogs and events in my life that I have shared here and the odd way that spiritual beings seem to work. Even the images are strikingly similar to things I have described.

If somone hasn’t been using my blogs as source material, it is one hell of a coincidence. The end of the first season blew me away. I won’t give it away, but if you have followed my blogs over the years, then you would see why.

By he way. If you are a writer and doing this, I’m totaly cool with it. 

It’s a hard one for me, because on one hand it looks like a writer has been using my experiences as source material and, if not, well... I take unusually syncronsitic events a little... a lot more seriously than most people. It wouldn’t be the first time all these things start lining up through media, so it means I need to pay attention. 

Yes, Yes I know. I don’t need a lesson in how the human mind can create stories out of nothing... oddly enough that’s what the series is about as well. It’s as if somone has even been watching previous conversations and arguments I have had here. 

Either that or I’m bat poop crazy.  

The great thing is that I have been recording my experiences here for years. All it takes is some reading then watching the series and somone should be able to start to see what I am seeing.

What a wacky universe we live in.





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I don't know how well it actually lines up, but that's crazy. I assume some creative minds rip stuff off the internet because there are so many stories that are worth being told. 

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I have often considered writing a book out of your blogs after we had spoken about it. I cant get over how it feels like cheating though. Maybe I should reconsider, after all its really good stuff. Good enough for TV apparently lol.

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