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talking to myself

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What is our life?

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What is our life?

I wonder why we tend to cling,
impossible though it is to hold on
to so many ‘things’ in our lives.

Clinging will destroy a friendship,
or even marriage if it is too needy,
children also grow away from their parents,
painful as that must be,
yet parents if they don’t let go
stall another kind of relationship,
a deeper one, between equals,
though being a father and mother
seems to be an endless job,
it just changes.

Aging is feared,
a waste of time, for tick tock!

We can’t cling to the day, minute nor the hour,
so fast is the tempo of our lives,
even if we sit, and do nothing,
 tick tock!

Even faith, if clung to, becomes rigid,
bitter even, because faith also grows,
matures, and changes in its perceptions.

If we don’t go deeper in and higher up,
we stay in the same land, imprisoned,
while others pass us by.

We seek happiness,
yet often don’t know we have it
till someone, or something is lost.

Yet one step at a time,
we make our pilgrimage,
trusting in God to bring us home,
or if many do  not,
we pray that all will
compete the journey.—Br.MD

“Have you noticed how often the work of the humble has to be done again? Put all your heart into it, knowing that you please Me. And since you want to live for Me, since you want to see everything in relation to Me, and pattern your life after Me, then consider how short the time is that remains for you on earth. You can give Me glory
in that time. Give it to Me unstintingly.”

Bossis, Gabrielle. He and I (Kindle Locations 2235-2238). Pauline Books and Media. Kindle Edition.



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