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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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Legends of Hi-Pee

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By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
Email: jazmaonline@gmail.com
Sacramento Paranormal Haunted Hotline: 916 203 7503


RIP Hi-Pee.  Born: July 15, 2007.  Died: 2/17/2019.  Time: 1:20 am. Hi-Pee had gastric blockage and his vital organs started giving out.  When he first became ill, it appeared he had the dog flu.  When I took him to the vet, he had blood work done and everything was okay.  He had x-rays and his intestines were all black, there was blockage.  The vet gave him a variety of medicine and there was days that seemed like he was okay and eating again, and then other days were bad days and he stopped eating.  On the night that he died, it appeared that he wanted to be by himself, he went out front and hid in the bushes, I saw his big yellow face and pulled him gently out of the bushes and brought him back to the house.  I covered him with blankets and tried to make him as comfortable as possible.  He would get up again and go to the back patio and collapsed and at one time he was gasping for air.  Then he was normal again.  Hi-Pee found a spot in the kitchen and he started yelping. Deanna was holding him and touching him as he was yelping.  I called the animal hospital emergency hospital and was ready to take him to the hospital, when Deanna told me that he just passed.  Deanna and I, cried and cried and cried.  Hi-Pee was a good dog and he had so much unconditional love for us.  He had so much personality and did the cutest things that are ingrained in my mind and Deanna's mind.  Hi-Pee was also a paranormal investigator along with his Pekingese sister Princess Hannah.  Hi-Pee and Hannah have been on many ghost hunts with us.  Hi-Pee's first ghost hunt was in Reno, Nevada with his late brother - a Jack Russell named Pika.  I have a HUGE list of cute and memorable things that Hi-Pee would do, here is that list:

He would wake Deanna up by brushing up against the plastic drape dividers in the bedroom.  

If you playfully spanked him, he would make a Chewbacca howl.

If Deanna was singing, he would do a cute howl while she sang.

If you were going to take him for a walk, he would rev it up, by taking his back paw and scratching his side.

He would carry his own leash and walk himself.  

When taking Hi-Pee to the cemetery for a ghost hunt, he would find offerings to the dead and eat them, one time he ate a whole chicken that was placed at a grave site.

Hi-Pee was good in "scoring", finding food during his walks from beef jerky to a cheeseburger.

If he saw Hannah walking towards the road, he would grab her leash and pull her back.

Hi-Pee would hit the door stopper many times, until you wake up and let him out, so he can do a #1 or #2.

Hi-Pee was psychic, on ghost hunts he would bark at things we could not see.  

When Hi-Pee dreamed he moved his feet like he was walking.

When Hi-Pee went on drives with us, he stood up on the middle console and navigate. While navigating, he would take his paw and rub my chest. Hi-Pee would also rub his face against my face and Deanna's face.

Hi-Pee after many walks and riding in the car, would get comfortable in the back seat and fall asleep.

Hi-Pee after a good walk, would love to sit in the park and take in the sun.  

Hi-Pee would go to the next door neighbor's house to look for a white poodle name AJ.  AJ was his buddy.

When Hi-Pee would see squirrels or feral cats in our backyard, he would chase them away and huff and puff about it.

When you held Hi-Pee he would fold his paws in a cute way.

Hi-Pee loved laying his body next to me or Deanna, while we were in bed.  He was good at spooning.

Hi-Pee loved a maroon blanket and if the blanket went over on the side of the bed, he would make a tent out of it.  He loved peeking out of the tent and watch TV.

Hi-Pee LOVED bedtime.

If it was a weekday, I would go to bed at 10pm and Hi-Pee would go to bed with me. After I fell asleep, he would sneak into the living room to watch TV with Deanna and then sneak back in the bedroom as if he never left me. Hi-Pee would scratch on the bedroom door, so Deanna would let him hang out in the living room.

If Hi-Pee finished his food, he would flip his bowl to let me know that he was out of food.  

One time in the park, some guy was being flirtatious with Deanna and Hi-Pee stepped up and protected Deanna by biting the guy's shirt tail.  Hi-Pee was not a violent dog and would never hurt anyone.

Hi-Pee loved spaghetti.  

Hi-Pee during his walks, loved walking behind bushes, I think he thought he was surviving the wilderness.

Hi-Pee loved to be carried.

Hi-Pee loves his belly rubbed.

If we have guests, Hi-Pee will sniff them and check them out.

If we are going on vacation and I say..."bye, bye Hi-Pee", Hi-Pee would cower and act sad.

If I was late from work, or if there was a storm, Hi-Pee would jump on the coffee table and look out the window for me.

If Deanna was walking Hi-Pee or Hannah at Merwin F. Rose Park, I would swing by in my car and Hi-Pee would get super excited to see me and lick me all over.  There were times that Deanna would take Hi-Pee and Hannah to the park and Hi-Pee would think any car that drove to the park was me.  

Hi-Pee loves a stuffed animal that looks like him, with blonde hair.  On one night, he took all of the stuffed animals that had blonde hair and placed them in a circle.

Hi-Pee loves it when Deanna does a crystal healing on him.  

On the night that Hi-Pee died, Deanna and I, could not sleep, we both tossed and turned.  I had a dream that Deanna was waking me up from bed and telling me that Hi-Pee was still alive and to watch his stomach, because he was breathing in and out.  Then I saw his stomach go up and down and I yelled..."Hi-Pee is still alive!!  It's a miracle!!"  Then all of a sudden I woke up in the bed realizing that this was a dream and Hi-Pee is really dead.   Before Hi-Pee died, Deanna saw his doppleganger in the bedroom. Deanna feels this may have been an omen that he was going to pass on this night.


Aaeros Kali
7:06 PM (3 minutes ago)
to me
Hello you requested that I email you. My number is 478 396 8017.
Voices keep saying that what I am is forbidden. My voice changes - the accent, tone, register and I speak in a language that I cant identity .
I know things about people sometimes, births or deaths. Sometimes I answer questions they haven't asked out loud yet.@gmail.com>
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