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Tales from the Mist

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Goddess of the Mist



Better watch yourself

he’s just playing with you

saying all those words you want to hear

not one of them true


Holy roller, business owner, multimillionaire

you’ve been on the road of heartbreak

he’s the answer to your prayer

Philanthropist, romanticist, sex god love affair

he’s everything a man can be

now you’re tangled in his lair


That sickly, nagging feeling

Is he really who he seems?

Is he just an online fantasy,

or the answer to your dreams?


Time will tell and things will show

he’s played this game before

with her and her and her and her

and everyone you know


Disappointment and resentment

feelings you know well

Still it doesn’t seem to matter

your guard’s a fragile shell


Letting go and moving on; it isn’t really hard

the disillusioned disenchantment

of a heart already scarred


Sometimes you still wonder just who he really is

was that even his real name

but if he’s everything he said he was

he wouldn’t play this game

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Posted (edited)

I like it the lyrics or poem reminds me of henry rollins song liar. :-)

Edited by Impedancer
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