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The not so masterful Hex!

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Killing Time,and Rants...General nonsense.

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First off a post it... I love this game called Torn,My other home. Join,play get to lvl  10 and ill be rewarded lol. love me? Join via here PLEASE. and stay till lvl 10 atleast or forever?!


meow then some other thoughts. warning this place is not for learning or even to be funny,truth is I just like typing....

Bigfoot? my thoughts...magic creature... like a hag or demon or spirit or a clock...I mean,salad dressing right?

so you may have guessed I have alot of free time. i dont post much yet but lurk alot.


gnome.....gnome....NO oooommeee Gnome.

funny right?

Iam writing a actual bit of stuff later. kinda anyway.

*wanders off*

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