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The not so masterful Hex!

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March 12th 2019 At Noonish.

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The Rite Of The Monkey Cat Sleeve


What you'll need.

- Coffee (Strong with milk and two sugar)

- Shatter (2 grams one indica one sativa, plus rig to smoke it)

- Music ( Works best with Jpop or some Marilyn Manson set to loud)

these three are whats needed to call me forth from the void.

The method?

Place the Coffee on a table next to dab rig and shatter as music plays loud say aloud three times.

"I am a Cat meow meow meow I want a Sith lord now now now!"

then strip off and run in circles making funny noises for approx 30 mins.

repeat till I appear.

Should be done in a dark small room at around midnight your time



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