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talking to myself

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The Lady with Purple Hair

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The Lady with Purple Hair

She stood in the middle of the parking lot,
thin, wearing a white sweater, with purple hair,
she looked lost, standing there reading from a piece of paper.

She was in my way, standing in the middle of the entrance
of a row, to the parking lot;
because of how she looked, I did not want to draw attention
to myself…so I managed to get by her.

I parked, she “The lady” was slowly meandering
across the parking spaces,
not paying the slightest attention to the traffic.

When someone/anyone
steps over the invisible line known as ‘normal’,
I notice, and do not know how to respond,
so a wide berth is made around them.

I want to help, but how?
She is just standing there,
…yes…but in the middle of a busy parking lot.

Was she in danger? 
Well, it did not seem so,
cars, of course, could hit her.

Should I call the police?
Well no, she was not bothering anyone directly.
Just minding her own business
smack-dab in a busy parking lot.

So perhaps I am wrong in my assessment,
yes, most likely I am mistaken.

So many small peeks into a life on the surface,
which is true, but how she dressed and acted,
did speak volumes.

Who she really is,
the deep mystery of her life,
is known only to God.

I am 70 years old
and there is still so much about ‘me’,
I don’t know or understand.

It helps me not to forget that.

I am truly only known by God,
all I can do is to live each day
as it comes, dealing with what comes up,
in the most loving way possible

Not as easy as it sounds.—Br.MD



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