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Giving A Trauma Survivor Advice Can Backfire



Years ago, a friend of mine knew a person who had been through trauma.  He told me that he wanted to give this individual some advice so this person could be helped and could learn how to cope.

I told him that could be a bad idea.  The thing is, if a trauma survivor has a lot of anger inside because of what happened to him/her and isn't on psychiatric medication that works well to help them, the therapy can actually make the anger worse.

Besides, my friend wasn't a trained psychotherapist anyway.

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Yes it can. I’ve been a PTSD survivor for since 1998. They had me on a load of pills, and feeling like a zombie, suicidal, homicidal. After two yrs of this uncalled for like reactions, and not getting help that I needed, I found a new Dr, and now Since 2001, I take one-10mg Lexapro for the MDD/suicidal Ideation, and 4-2mg *** Spam filter *** for panic/anxiety/sleep, triggers etc, and doing meditation. These two meds have worked miracles for me. No, you do not get traumatized people to talk about their experience that caused it, it could be more than one thing, and could cause worsening in the patient. Angry outburst, stimuli, triggers, depression, are the most serious however. If suicidal Ideation comes with the diagnosis, just be there for them, talk if they want, and let them know that they are loved very much. It’s hard for people like us with ptsd to experience any sort of happiness, joy and things of this sort. Idk what your friend is as diagnosed with, but I hope it gets better very soon. Hope this helps. 

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