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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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A Haunting in Parts Unknown

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A Haunting in Parts Unknown
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations

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Date: 4/6/2019.  Time: 1500 Hours. The occupant wants to be anonymous.  I will call the occupant Ms. V.  Ms. V says that she has lived in this home for 1 year.  In the home there are many security cameras and she tells me that her kids erase the tapes, so there is no evidence to show us.  The entities in the house will knock a cup out of her hand.  She may be holding something else and it will fly out of her hand.  The entities will open her front door and come in the house.  The lights will go off in the garage.  The entities have even opened up the garage and allowed thieves to take her car.  Fortunately, the thieves brought back the car.  The entities will pick up the TV remote and change the channel.  Occupant tells me that the entities came to her house, when her granddaughter started playing with the dark arts - dark witchcraft.  The occupant found the witchcraft book and threw it away and that is when the activity started.  One night, a watermelon hovered in the air and came slamming down on the table breaking apart.  The occupant for some reason believes by placing bars on her windows, the entities may still out.  The bars do not work.  The occupant hears the spirits late at night in the kitchen moving things around.  The occupant's dog Beemer hears the spirits and will start barking.  Occupant hears nightly footsteps.  One night, the occupant sees a dark shadow move across the kitchen.  

HPI and Spyro Paranormal Investigators present:  Deanna Jaxine Stinson - HPI Co-Owner/Psychic Medium; HPI Co-Owner Paul Dale Roberts; Carol Copeland - Spyro Investigator; Elizabeth Margaret Glaros - Spyro Investigator.  Spyro used their Kinect SLS camera and detected 2 entities.  The entities were standing next to me and Deanna in the living room.  When the Kinect detected the spirits, I did a quick and dirty EVP and captured the name "Charles".  We captured some other EVPs in the home.  Deanna detected a dark presence in the closet that likes to crouch down.  When the Kinect detected 2 spirits, I was able to place my hand on the chair where an entity was sitting and feel an electrical charge.  When Carol asked the entity to wave, it actually waved its hand.   When I told the entity to talk in my recorder, it bent down to talk in the recorder and said its name is Charles.

Carol Copeland messaged me, this is what she said: "I think something got me at the house as we were leaving I felt a burning on my stomach.  It felt like someone putting a cigarette out on my stomach and when I lifted my shirt I had a wound."

Deanna did a metaphysical cleansing in the home and I conducted a Roman Catholic house blessing.

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