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liberal dumbness




okay, the greatest manifestation of stupidity on a liberal television news channel ever......... theres a big bad criminal on the run, hes wanted by the law badly, theres a huge manhunt thing, and the news channel describes him with details like:

wearing a grey parka and bright orange tennis shoes


so-and-so feet tall

last seen in so-and-so sort of vehicle

and so on. but they never, NEVER tell you if he's a black guy, a white guy, an oriental guy, or whatever, because thats racial profiling and therefore horribly racist (gasp!), despite the fact that nobody watching the news channel will know him if they see him. the liberal anchorman describes the secondary things first and the first things not at all.

i ask you, how stupid is this?



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you know, you're right, and i never noticed that.

as for the answer to your question, it is VERY stupid. even without the "racist" bit of it, they could at least describe the person's complexion.

aargh, the media. thumbdown.gif

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