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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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Werewolf Castle

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Werewolf Castle
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Cryptozoologist
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help


The forest enchants me. It lulls my soul to sleep with its sweet innocence. The royal solitude of the divine. The soothing hypnotic aroma of the soil, pine and cedar. For many legends have started and ended here, all over and around in the realm of Earth.

Some scholars believe the werewolf made its debut in The Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest known Western prose, when Gilgamesh rejected a potential lover who had turned her previous one into a wolf. Yet inspiration comes before the thought and it feels as though this has been known since the genesis of mankind.

Let me take you to the library of the werewolf castle in the vast expanse of time. From the records of a place liken the Akashic records of our sky. We will roam through the caves of another tune and hum the words of a holy fire, which are set to transform us each with glyphs and sigils made from ashes of a pyre.

An eternal castle sitting upon a glory cloud of invisible information and circumstance. You would have faith if your eyes could transcribe the mana from the stone, but we now absorb light differently. Therefore, I give to you a candle from which to read the magick of this forever place.

Into the Forest
The most famous werewolf story in the Volsunga Saga is the story of father and man, Sigmund and Sinfjotli, the son.

They find themselves wandering through the forest, whereupon they come to a hut where they find two enchanted wolf pelts.

When the wearer uses the belt, he will turn into a wolf and be able to use all the powers of this animal, such as power, cunning, and valor. It must only be used for ten days at a time.

Having put on the pelts, Sigmund and Sinfjotli turn into wolves and wander the forest together.

They agree to howl at each other if either of them encounters seven men to fight. Sinfjotli betrays the agreement and kills 11 men at once. In a rage, Sigmund fatally injures his son. By then a raven, the messenger of Odin, brings a healing leaf to place on Sinfjotli’s wound. After Sinfjotli is healed from his wound, he and his father take off the enchanted wolf pelts as the tenth day arrived. They therefore burn the pelts to ashes to become free of the curse of lycanthropy.

Seven Roses
Guarani are the indigenous people of Paraguay whose mythology states there was seven monsters. Of the seven monsters, the last one, known as lusion, is horrendously deformed in appearance and is now known as the God of Death.

The Luison, or el lobizon, or lobizon, is the South American werewolf. The myth mainly reigns in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. It was thought that the seventh son of a family of all boys, could turn himself into one on the eve of a full moon, especially on a Friday. This belief is especially strong in Argentina. So well-known was this belief that the Argentine President, Juan Domingo Perón, decreed that all seventh sons of a family must be baptized.

In Russia it is believed that the person wishing to transform goes into the forest, sticking a copper knife into a tree and dances about while saying incantations. When this ritual is performed, the spirit of the Wolf will take over your soul.

When the Europeans colonized South America, luison’s association with death began to end. The stories eventually became one with European werewolf legends. Now, the luison is seen as a creature that is half man and half wolf.

Crossing their Paths
Mesoamerican Indians believe the nahual is a guardian who resides in animals. In other regions, and in a more ominous version of nagualism, it is believed that powerful men can transform themselves into predators. A pattern emerges between this knowledge and the word ‘nahual’, which came first from the word ‘nahualli’, meaning “disguise”. This refers to the sorcery by which magicians change their physical forms.

One night in the woods on the way from Ulster to Meath, a wolf approached a traveling priest. As he moved closer, he began speaking of God. Horrified, The priest asks the wolf what kind of creature is he? The wolf explains to the priest that there is only one other creature like him and it was his wife. They were the native people of Ossory, who had been cursed by a saint named Natalis for an ancient sin. The curse compelled two Ossory people, a man and a woman, to be chosen at random to take the wolf form and remain in that form every seven years. After that period, two new people would take their place, and the prior two would return to human form.

The wolf explained that his wife is very sick and dying. He was there to ask the priest’s help in his wife’s absolution and still terrified, the priest reluctantly followed the wolf. But sensing the fear within the priest and to assure him he wouldn’t commit blasphemy by giving the dying wolf viaticum, the male wolf peels the skin of his ailing companion from the head down to the belly with his claw. Seeing a weak old woman underneath the hanging wolf-skin, the priest gave her the viaticum. Upon concluding the viaticum, the male wolf rolled the wolf-skin back over her. The old woman returned to her wolf form.

To the Temple
Anubis was either seen as a man with a jackal head or completely in the form of a jackal. Anubis’ skin is often depicted as black, while most jackals are brown. This is because the color black is a symbol of death, but also a symbol of the Nile’s fertile and black soil. New genetic research indicates that the ancient Egyptian jackal is not a jackal at all, but an ancient wolf.

In ancient Egypt, scavengers like jackals ruled the cemeteries. They dug up the freshly buried and tore at their flesh and ate it. Historians believe this is why the ancients portray the god of the afterlife as a jackal.

It was thought that the god could also protect the burial physically and spiritually. He was also given the epithet “khentyamentiu” (“foremost of the westerners” i.e. the dead) because he guarded the entrance to the Underworld.

Dreaming of Them
To dream of a werewolf represents suppressed emotions and desires. It is typical of someone who has been around or experienced deep rage. It is a way of trying to cope and heal the spirit. Much of the data depends on other experiences in the dream, such as who it was happening to and the feelings, they trigger in you.

Below, I write to you some of my own werewolf dreams from the last few years. Maybe you have had a similar one or now this symbol may draw something out from within you. Let me bring your attention back to the flame of your candle and may it be brightened in guidance of angels and by the light of the moon.

Country Roads
Out in the middle of nowhere, off of a dirt road highway, there is a mobile home. It seems like I am moving in here all alone by myself. It is dark when I enter. No one else will come over.

I set up huge fish tanks in the front room with large goldfish. Two of them are empty of fish, but contain clear and still water.There is at least three of them. I have to stop because I hear howling outside from wolves.

I look out into the yard and there are several werewolves running around like crazy. I go out to look because I can't believe it and I get into a fight with one and get bit.

I run inside and fall asleep. The next day I get a bunch of dogs to protect me, but the werewolves still come in the yard. I keep calling people to come over and they wont!

Inside the house, it's haunted and I see a ghost woman walking about. She is old and says her name is Lorraine Warren. She says she is trying to help me.

When I go outside, it is day time and I see silver u.f.o's appearing and disappearing in the skyline. They are in shapes like V's and different formations.

I start to scream at the sky that I know this is some kind of experiment and as I go into the house again there is kittens sleeping on their backs with cut marks like they just had surgery.

The house just keeps filling up with animals and strange creatures like elves. The bite even starts to take over me and I become a dog instead of a wolf.

Finally in the end, I manage to break free by selling the house. I freak out and leave it as fast as possible and drive far far away.

Werewolves Everywhere

In a two story home with a black iron fence and overgrown weeds lives a group of people. They are strange in the way that they all seem bonded together. There is one man who is very rich who owns the property.

The man has fair hair and light skin. He has brown eyes and wears a blue pinstripe suit with a black walking stick that has a silver wolf on the top. He has a penetrating stare.

I watch him each night from outside of the house. It is a dark colored stone and has a porch in the front, which he frequently has women over and sits and chats with them there.

After he talks with them for a bit, they seem to get a bit uncomfortable. It happens right when the sun is about to go down. It appears that he has known them from somewhere else before he brings them here.

The women start shaking and fall to the ground and he sits there, unbothered by this. He starts yelling at them to get out of there before the sun sets fully because they are going to turn.

Most of the time they run away, but on one particular night I watch her change into a werewolf. He always changes too and then he chases the woman. He goes after them in a very aggressive way.

On the last time, I run into the house after he leaves. There is wooden floors and furniture everywhere, it has a feel like it is from the 1900's or something because of all the strange antiques and art.

There is a tan and white chihuahua inside and it seems happy. I follow it to the bathroom where I am startled by a ghost who is so alive at first I think he is real. He locks me in the bathroom and tries to romance me.

He is older and wears a British style black hat. He wears a gray suit and white shirt. He tells me that he is a librarian. He won’t let me out until I listen to him talk about all the werewolves.

I run out of the house as soon as I can and almost get busted by a group of teenagers coming up the road. I take off and I know at least one of them can notice me.

Flames in the Forest
I am seated in a small plane. There is about twenty passengers on board with me. The rows are very small but, this means that we can see through all the windows into the sky at every angle. I sit with one person, he is closest to the aisle.

He is younger and fair haired and very skinny. He is trying to sit on my lap, although he is not exactly a kid! I do look uncomfortable in the dream as, I just want to enjoy the view. Every time that I look to him, he is closer and my memories start to swim in my mind of him.

There are visions of us sitting in the grass and talking with the sun shining down on us. There are moments that I remember where he is holding my hands but, then I look like another person sometimes. My hair is very long and black but, my eyes have changed into a violet flame.

The day turns to night and the plane flies so close to the ground as it comes in on a landing. Because it is so close to the ground, it's sparks set fire to the forest that is all around us! Everything is covered in trees, fresh soil and wood chips.

The flames cause small fires but, they do not spread because all the people run off the plane to help wash them away. After they take control of them the people look at me like somehow I am to blame as I walk up to a cave that has been covered by this airplane.

It has two openings and there is village people there. They have light hair and eyes. They are dressed in flannels, cottons and thick blue jeans. They are speaking in another language in a fast pace. They have shovels with them and are trying to dig open the caves again.

They looked at me and said, "Because of you, we have lost two werewolves from this forest. They are a dying breed and this loss is incredible." I feel so bad, yet I do not go to help them and I sit on a log and with my psychic senses I know that they are alive and have snuck out the back. But, I let the people keep on believing what they wish.

You can access the rest of my dream journal here;

Werewolf Castle
So, we dream into another future, one with glass and blood like our astral tombs. One to hold us from our condescension of all the other worlds. Once we are done spending time without them, they will be beckoning from elsewhere. For these ideas hold their hands out for protection to the werewolves of the spider’s loom.

Set your candle now from without the castle, up towards the dark lit night. Leave the tower where you were dreaming, as the hot summer sun is setting into some other place of fright. Because we dance without deception, the stars hover above and below. As the reflection upon our lands changes, so will the next moon and it will bring about different doorways in the universe. Jumping through different timelines and portals, we go to see so many ghosts. While this thinking comes subconsciously before we do manifest onto the Earth.

Let us now leave the castle and finish out the years in good mood. What need have we to exist at once with everything? We will move on and gravitate towards the next stage of metamorphosis, to fully intertwine the godlike patterning into a face for our souls. To meet again as sands of an ocean, watching over the sunrise, as waves of water fall in line to the vibrations of this night.

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