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All life is sacred, or no life is sacred. It is only the human race that discusses the rights and the wrongs, the good and the bad, the moral and the immoral - the just an the unjust. 

It is the history of humankind that has tried to make things black and white, trying to conjure up order out of chaos, trying to invent rules where there aren't any.

The dynamic balance of nature is something that we are all subjugated to, no matter how much the environmentalists are so "worried about the planet". If there is anything where the concern really is - it is for the future of the "human race", not the planet. 

Nature has this wonderful way of balancing itself out - something dies in order for something else to live, something gains advantage over another thing - but all of this is not permanent - what is up will be down and what is down will be up. 

Humans have choices that most other animals don't - and like any other thing - when given a choice - things can go either way. 

Give a man a hammer - and he will build a house. Give another man a hammer - and he'll smack the first one over the head with it. 
Don't give a man a hammer at all? Yes, that's an option too. However, who has the authority, and I mean - really has authority to bestow or withhold man's freedoms to him or from him, respectively?

It is not man that has that authority.

There is one "intermediate agent of balance" that equalizes all - and that is nature.

However, it is only man that has the audacity and arrogance to raise himself above nature and think that he can do better, that there is a degree of authority over nature that he has that is higher than that of any other species. But still, in this capacity also - he is natural. 

All that man has - is more options - but in the whole of nature he is of no more worth than the single bacterium on a speck of dust.



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The danger of any communication is that there is always a discrepancy between what is being said on one side and what is being heard on the other. And in many cases - it is precisely this discrepancy, this shift in understanding, that makes for interesting discussions.

However, this shift can also, obviously, go in another direction - leading towards discord. 

It is of utmost importance that both the source and the destination of the message being communicated are - ready to receive, open to understand and generally constructive towards communication even though the message may end up being disputed. 

It is this openness to communication that is the fertile ground for exchanging ideas, regardless what the messages are and whether the outcome is agreement and disagreement.

However, if some minds are set on purposefully (even though maybe not always consciously) misinterpreting the message even before it has reached them, inciting conflict and offering insult - then there is very little anyone can really do to dissuade such minds from their intended purpose or steer them away from their course. 

In my posts about the state of mankind, about its "discontents", I speak of man as part of nature regardless of how he behaves. Man is within the paradigm of nature, both biologically and philosophically, regardless of what he does or does not do. 

Speaking of it in this sense - the subjugation of man to nature is through association, not through hierarchy - but he is then as subjugated to nature as his own organs are subjugated to him. 

If a man produces a car, a computer or a baseball bat - those items are now also by association - part of nature. 

In anything that man does - he is natural. Even in his arrogance - he is inseparable from nature. Therefore - it is impossible for me to criticize man without simultaneously criticizing nature and vice versa. 

With all this said - my post was merely observational, imparting neither praise nor criticism. However, as neutral as one desires to be, to refer to the beginning of this post, one can't control how he will be perceived by someone else. And quite often, the negative coloration of a message is imparted by the listener and his own projections even though it was not intended at all by the speaker. 

If I was to say that any particular sentiment should be ascribed to my original post - then it would be that of love, fortitude and courage that I think is every individual's task to find in this life.

At least - this is what I have found to be true in my own life.

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Goddess of the Mist


Interesting observation, LightAngel. It seems that some minds simply do not care to understand an intended message nor do they want to try to understand it. And from those minds it's probably best to simply walk away... 

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Potent insights LightAngel.  Thank you for sharing.

Are you familiar with the works of Robert Anton Wilson?

You seem to be a kindred spirit. 


Your phrasing and the nature of your observations, I think he would have resonated with and appreciated.

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14 hours ago, quiXilver said:


Are you familiar with the works of Robert Anton Wilson?



No, but I'm curious now.

I prefer my own thoughts, but your kindness inspires me to read another person's thoughts!

Kindness has that effect on me. ;)

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Kindness... it's free, sprinkle it everywhere. 

A motto I strive to embody.  Fail too often, but I strive on.


The only people I really want to get even with, are those who've been kind.

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Nietzsche hit the nail on the head here!

Because it's so important to teach kids to be curious about other people's perceptions, and to respect different opinions.

Teaching others to see the equal value that everybody has - would help creating a better world.


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I had to look him up, lol I must have seen him on a talk show or something I recognized the face once I seen it... lol 

Robert Anton Wilson was an American author, novelist, essayist, editor, playwright, poet, futurist, and self-described agnostic mystic.


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Manwon Lender


That is very very true, but what's weird to one person is normally just a sunny day to another. Now that's really Weird!!:D


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