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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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Timothy Green Beckley's Knife-Wielding Demons

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Name: Timothy Green Beckley's Knife-Wielding Demons and Murderous Ghosts
Publisher: Inner Light/Global

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Overviewed by Paul Dale Roberts - Deanna Jaxine Stinson of Halo Paranormal Investigations
Comments:  If you have all of Timothy's books, you would have a wealth of paranormal knowledge.  Your library would be a touch of the Akashic Records in your home.  I'm not joking.  Timothy comes up with some great ideas for his books and this time he is talking about demons and ghosts that would do good on ID Discovery.  A lot of times when I go to paranormal events, people will ask me if ghosts can kill.  This latest book from Timothy, explains it all.  First off, you get the scoop on Timothy.  You will understand how he took the paranormal path with his encounters of UFOs, his out-of-body experiences and being saved by an invisible force.  You might want to turn on the lights in the house, when you get into some of the stories, like the Boleskine House, so haunted that at times you hear a human head rolling down the floor, yes, a man was beheaded at this home.  Get the scoop on Jimmy Page and how he was a disciple of Aleister Crowley in 1971.

I have been to the Tower of London and there is great information about this very haunted creepy place within the pages of this book.  If you want to know about a killer ghost, you will get info on La Llorona, she loves killing children.  You have to think, if a living person is a killer, most likely when they die and come back as a ghost, they are still going to have a lust for murder.  Get some inside info on the Amityville house.  Sean Casteel will take you on a path that deals with residual haunting crime scene.  Here is teaser..."a woman was slumped on the floor under the sink, he recounts, with a large knife in her chest and trickling blood. I was able to see through her and I realized I was in the middle of a residual haunting..and then she looked up!"  As a paranormal investigator, this is so true, if a murder takes place, the negative energy from this murder will replay itself over and over again, it's imprinted into the atmosphere.  The energy will live on forever.  As you go through this book, you get info on the Son of Sam serial killer; The Patasola female spirit that can lure men to their untimely deaths; the Green Lady of Scotland's Crathes Castle; urban legend Goody Cole; Oneiroi (Dream Spirits); Thanatos (Titan of Death); Myrtles Plantation and a whole lot more!  This book is an encyclopedia of paranormal slayers.   If you are a beginner ghost hunter, I suggest that you pick up this book for your library, it makes for a great reference book and will help you the investigator become successful in your future investigations.

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Love this guy...Do not believe half of what he writes though.

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