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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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Tokyo Werewolf

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Tokyo Werewolf
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Cryptozoologist
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help



A werewolf moves swift into the city. He is hungry for his next goddess, walking without protection. He looks for someone who can satisfy his primal lust. A person who can bring his blood to life to flow into the world.

The night is foggy, but it doesn't matter because the street lamps and traffic lights flaunt unaware. He chooses his direction and sets to match the pace. Movement maps at the speed of destiny and is executed in faith.

The woman turns to look behind her, hair is dark in a ponytail. She has baby blue eyes and wears a red ribbon within her hair. She is shocked as the werewolf calls a cab right next to her, grabs her and shoves her in. He eats her and the male driver, dressed in honey clothes, soaked with blood from the future in a vision that Iv'e had.

The side of the cab reads Tokyo Cab in Japanese and a logo like the sun rising is on the back, near the gas tank. It is a dark blue, in order to contrast the burning red orange color blocks balancing the weight. The sun sets and the cold comes in.

The wolf runs back towards the forest to the sanctuary of the land. He dwells in the darkest silence in the oldest forgotten lands. He comes close to feed, under the moons of Jupiter, to test the boundaries of man.

The City Wolf
The Ainu are known as the the indigenous inhabitants of Hokkaido. They tell a tale about Horkew Kamuy, a white wolf God who turned into the divine father of this family cult. He had successfully mated with a rich, wealthy and beautiful demi goddess who was incarnate in this land. The rest of the people who they produced became the ancestors of this area.

He is said to come from the mountains, where the physical and spiritual mend fragments of eternity from oceans far away. It is a realm of trade and polarity, attracting tourists from far away.

Of course, many versions of this tale have been told, but this is how it reads for me, researching the future and it's destruction to once again stop reflecting literally, but in a spiritual place that has no end. Where Earth meets heaven in a cycle of intuition and fallacy.

Neon Lights
She awakens in a resurrection, like a dream she can repeatedly weave. Her web is a strong silk made from the finest fabrics in the district of neon lights.

In this city, the past replays itself, incarnating souls in love. To energize it's structuring and harmonize with the living and the dead.

A fortune tellers sign is lit up, a crystal ball in blue. There is red font that reads; "psychic readings, past lives, future and healing." A couple on a first date walks in and repeat their energy. She guides them into eternity, where a space made of wood dwells, a castle in which to grieve.

They are twin flames burning in two different worlds, connected through the Earth. She sees the tarot cards speak about nature, wildness and full moons. She sells them a red string, to tie as bracelets, from one another, to symbolize a temple standing with four pillars and the string wraps around twice in each direction, to form a solid structure.

The bracelets become two lips and they become like pieces of a bridge, stones that have been drawn together and they connect within a kiss. As they leave, he bites her finger tips so gently and cuts the string with his teeth.

He turns into a werewolf and chokes her with this idea of who she is. She is gone then, in an instant and he relives this memory over again. It runs until the rain has dried on his cheeks from the weather of whatever place he is in.

Ghost Cabs
Taxi drivers in Japan have said they have had ghostly passengers on more than one occasion. Many claim that they pull over to pick up a person, are given and address and by the time they look up, they are gone.

In my vision from above the city, I see one werewolf ordering a driver into the direction of a sushi restaurant. She is hungry and a human vegetarian, but her lust is for crab. She runs from the backseat, lightening fast, without paying for the gas.

She is placed in a seat, from where she looks at the menu and orders the Heikegani crab. According to the Japanese legend, the ghosts or souls of the Heike samurais were reincarnated into them. She plays with one's emotions before she devours him. To this day, it is said that the roam the depths of the oceans around Japan, searching for the lost heirlooms of their reign, but only finding spoons, knives and silver ware, which I might mention, must not be pure silver, or a werewolf will eat from it's hands.

Fish Tank
Another wolf man sees a key in the restaurant's fish tank. It must have been swallowed by the crabs. He quickly grabs it before the owner starts raising hell, screaming and shouting that he is mad.

The werewolf runs from the building and changes form into a black dog. The key rests in his mouth, as he senses where to go. The energy leads him to a hotel in Tokyo, where many visions are had.

A white witch stands for presentation and the wolf is now a gentleman. He places it in her hand and she guides him to a room. The door is in a tall tower, higher than a castle, reaching into clouds. It is made of green emeralds and diamond number codes. She unlocks it with one turn of her hand, until together they reach into another reality and she cannot go back.

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