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The Darkness of The Deep

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About Guides

Not A Rockstar


A lot of questions about guides have been hitting the old inbox lately, so it seems a good time to talk about them a bit. If you are a person who thinks the whole idea of spiritual guides is fantasy or delusional, this article is not for you. I also feel the need to add a disclaimer here. I teach what I know at the time I write something. I am aggressive about growth and learning more so change often. I am also not infallible, nothing I say should be taken as being spoken with a sense of authority which covers everything everyone else does. The higher you go, the more you realize that we each are divine beings, who have authority over our own realities. Go a bit higher than that and you begin to grasp that differing views can both be right. Explaining this is way beyond my humble little blog. Keep working and you will begin to understand :) Some stuff just cannot be explained in words.

What Is A Guide?

Guides are often thought to be extremely enlightened beings, sometimes angels, who work with certain people to provide insight to them. Most people think of them as being sort of all-wise, never wrong, really high level leaders of the person they work with. Finding one's guide, getting a guide, getting in touch, are all big things to new people who start approaching some of the so-called New Age material out there. This is seen as such a big deal that a lot of kids latch onto "ghosts" or spirits they think are around them. I have even heard of a few trying to summon demons to have one, in some idea that surely a demon would really be a powerful pal to have as a guide and mentor.

Guides can be many things to you. They can be ancestors, deceased relatives, angels, ascended masters, and even extra-terrestrials. They can change over your life-time. Some may come in, others may leave. This is normal. In my paradigm, and most I know about, everyone has them, we all have an "escort" of spirits with us and are actually never alone. Some people, like my Mother, are raised in traditions of believing they have a guardian angel. She believes she has one, and that is it for anything walking with her through life. Others are aware of having many around them at times. It is not at all essential that we believe in this. I see a lot of people who do not believe in them at all who walk around with as many as I have. It's all good.

The ET Question

LOL, I heard that "ETs?? WTH, NAR?"

Are they really ETs? I have not been certain if those who say they have ET guides really do or if this is how they perceive and understand them. I never believed in ETs myself as being here or visiting the Earth in any way, and yet over the past year have begun to meet a few in the astral realities I work with. I am still drawing my own conclusions about that. In the end, I will probably hold my conclusions personally and privately, as I do with most of my own beliefs. I share a lot for people to think and decide for themselves what they think, but, don't actually divulge a lot about my own inner conclusions. It is not for me to sway or tell you what to think or believe. As for my seeming ET friends, they came in as I got more into serious Kundalini work and progressing with that. Maybe they are real and simply contacting now as I work with higher energies. Or, maybe now I am working at a higher energetic rate, I see them differently. Not sure, yet, because I have observed a lot of folks who work in real low energies who see their own guide as being demonic. I don't see them as demonic in most cases, which could be just me and how I view energies, which is why I am not yet convinced what precisely my own ETs may really be. It is not as if they are talking to me about how it is to live on Antares or anything, so it may well be a perceptual thing. 

Having said so, I well know there are a few really good channelers out there who have truly good information they share which is accurate, solid, and useful, which they credit to extra-terrestrial contacts. In fact, right now you will find them by the dozens out there posting their data. ETs outnumber any other channeled source right now about 100 to 1. That tells me to sit back and relax and observe. I have been at this for decades and seen a whole lot of phases, fads and stages. I tend to deal with it by listening to what is said and judging that and testing it against my own certainties and proofs and worrying less about the name attached to it. I could write a small book on channeling and how it can go right or wrong and why, and more perplexing, how it can be wrong in part and still right. You don't shoot the messenger, basically, but, you can move on and leave them to it. Maybe they are ETs and we are entering a new day where they are making contact more readily. Maybe, they aren't. Maybe some are. Time will tell. Decide for yourself. 

Given that for decades now, I have known Hecate really well and am on great terms with her, I am not sure that these ET I am meeting are any more far fetched. As my relationships do not affect anyone else, I am not really concerned with opinions or what my escort talks about when I am meditating or what they look like.

Are Guides All-Wise?

Guides are simply disembodied spirits at most. Some guides may never have been incarnated to begin with. There are guides who began as a disembodied spirit of a real person who now live on very strongly changed by many people's mental projections and creativity. After a point, such energies become more of an avatar or archetype than the original energy. Head out there to meet Hecate, for example, and you will find the archetype easily enough. You will probably never meet the woman she was in the beginning, even if you devote years and years to her and working with her.

Guides are not equal, they have their own agendas and motivations and even if they have your best outcome as their dearest wish, can only advise you from their own perspective. It is dangerous to assume that if your guide tells you something it has to be gospel truth. It is never that, it is, at best, their best advice from their own experience, perspective and comprehension of your humanity and capacity. When mine talk with me, I take it as any other discussion with friends and acquaintances.  Some seems wise, some is interesting, some I need to think about and jot down in my notebook to meditate on later. Guides are also not all from the same source. Some are higher, some lower than you, some follow the left road, some the right road and some the middle road. 

You never lose personal responsibility for what advice you take, be it from me or a guide or your pastor at Church. Guides are not there to tell you what to do. If you are going to go to the trouble to try to talk with yours, you need to do the work and sort out who and what they really are, test what they say and never stop testing and checking. This failure is the difference between a practitioner who has credibility and a woo-monger. If you want someone to be your friend and tell you what to do to make your miserable life better, this is no short cut and can make things a whole lot worse in a hurry.


Guides can range from thought forms, to archetypes to angels and ancestors. They can manifest as different things depending on your ability to perceive what you are confronted with. Some people can hear them, and they can advise, but they are not to be taken as speaking gospel truth you have to obey. You are responsible for your own life and that remains true even if you are foolish enough to try to pawn it off on a guide or demon or other entity out there to do for you. A guide is like any other friend you will ever make and you need to build a relationship and test to find out over a long time who to trust more than another. They are not equal and can mean you well but advise actions or ideas that are not good for you depending on their own backgrounds and origins. You need to do the work to do well in this, like anything else.

Hope this answers some questions for you.

I write to serve.


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I think of it as the higher self. It always seems to know best. The trick is listening to it. 

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Not A Rockstar


Yep, I will listen to my Higher Self. The other projections are never in the same regard if they show up, but, can surprise me at times LOL  ;) 

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