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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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Ghosts, Cryptids, UFOs - Oh My! Wilton, CA

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By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
Email: jazmaonline@gmail.com

Sacramento Paranormal Haunted Hotline: 916 203 7503


DSCN8470 1.JPG

Date to be there: June 15, 2019. Time to be there: 9pm. Address: Wilton, CA. Contact Person: Linda Hayes. This is a ghost hunt.  The house is haunted. The home is also near a power plant and they see strange lights in the sky. This is a UFO hunt and we will have powerful lasers with us to signal any UFO activity and we will not be signaling conventional aircraft. Strange entities have been seen on the land, there is 25 acres to explore. Entities seen: Strange shadow beings, a Skinwalker that has a horse's head; fairy type of creatures.  

Could this be the next Skinwalker Ranch?  Wilton, CA is near Lodi and in 1896 there was a UFO landing in Lodi and a possible abduction.  See full story here:  www.ufocasebook.com/1896lodicalifornia.html  -  Many UFOs have also been seen in Galt, CA.  At the ranch home in Wilton, CA, we could see the Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant.  UFOs are known to be attracted to volcanoes as an energy source.  UFOs are attracted to military bases, especially military bases that have nuclear arsenal.  UFOs are attracted to nuclear power plants as a source of energy.  When Linda tells me that they see strange activity in the night skies, I believe her.  Linda has seen fairies on her property and fairies are known to be associated with UFOs.  As for the Horse Skinwalker - the Miwok Indians once lived on this property, so perhaps at one point of time, they called upon a Skinwalker to protect their land and their people.  Linda has seen shadow entities in her home and has encountered other paranormal activity in her home.  Watch her interview for the full story.


Let's do a roll call.  HPI Paranormal Investigators Roll Call:  Paul Dale Roberts - HPI Co-Owner; Deanna Jaxine Stinson - Co-Owner - Psychic Medium; A.J. Perrish; Michelle Wright; Carol Copeland; Elizabeth Margaret Glaros; Glendora Wright; Doug Wright; Mike Ouilhon; Xandean Smith; Tina Wise; Pelenta Forrest; Randall Johnson; Keith Wise; Rachel Coleman.  Occupants: Shawn Carlino; Linda Hayes.

Xandean with his night vision goggles spotted a starlike UFO moving erratically in the night sky.  The UFO was moving rapidly.  Using high power lasers, we attempted to try and signal the UFO.  A second UFO was seen, star like and moved in a straight line, but swiftly.  I believe the 2nd UFO was a satellite, the first UFO I am unsure about, because it moved erratically.  1st UFO was seen at 10:30pm.  2nd UFO was seen at 10:45pm.  Deanna's psychic impressions was seeing a cowboy ghost figure near the goats.  Deanna had a psychic impression that somewhere near the property, a dead body was buried.  Deanna also felt there was a gargoyle type of creature that hangs out on the property.  Deanna's psychic impressions could not be validated.  Rachel Coleman saw a white glob human figure in the fields.  Pelenta Forrest witnessed a fast light streak in the night sky.  Pelenta using her night vision goggles witnessed a huge humanoid type of creature in the field and then the creature was gone.  Captured 2 EVPs, a male voice by the goats that said "here" and a male voice that said "Mark", when asking the entity his name.  Carol Copeland and Elizabeth Glaros of Spyro Paranormal Investigations using a Kinect SLS camera, picked up one stick figure via mapping.  The spirit box picked up on many words that seemed intelligent when answering questions.  A lot of orbs were captured on film, but we could not prove that any orb had intelligent movement.  There are many animals on the property.  There are goats, there are cats, there is one big dog, there are chickens, there are frogs.  This was a very interesting and fun investigation.  Added Note:  Listening to my recordings, I ask the entity what his name is and the EVP sounded like it said "Uncle Kelly".  


Thank you Sammy Wong for loaning HPI 3 high power lasers, one green, 2 red.  They worked well.  HPI gifts given away tonight were: tarot cards; 5 smudge wands; gnome candle (gnomes are protective of live stock and this place has live stock); green candle with crystal; 3 black candles; 2 orange candles; purple glow stick.  Another interesting note, Xandean took home one of the kittens and named it 2Spot.


Deanna's camera and cell phone froze up and they are still froze up as of 6/16/2019.  There were unusual criss-cross chemtrails in the night sky and we did not observe any planes, jets flying in the night sky.  Deanna picked up on a little boy ghost dressed in brown.  When Deanna picked up on a ghostly Mexican cowboy and pointed to his direction, is when I obtained the EVPs "here" and "Mark".  The pigs on the property seemed to get somewhat excited, when I obtained the EVPs.  Deanna picked up on a possible dead body buried on the property, or near the property and it was discovered that a long time ago, there was an Indian massacre that occurred in the area.  Deanna mentioned that while in the house, she saw a black mass zipping from one room to another room and it seemed like it was going through a portal.  Deanna using the spirit box, felt like she was communicating with a fallen angel, an angel that actually made a song like sound and later would call itself "Beelzebub". 
Hey I saw something last night with Mike when driving the wrong way home, the GPS didn't work so I tried going by memory. Because of doing that we ended up on the road that leads to the power plant. When I realized this because it kept getting bigger, so I pulled off to the side to turn around. I did this because there was ripples in the road and plant growth in between. That freaked me out so while turning my lights shined on something black and large like a humanoid hunched over with the arms extended almost reaching the ground. It seemed to have the head attached to the shoulders so it looked like no head or the head was in between the arms. Anyway the lights of the car sweeped across the road as I was turning making a 3 point turn, and the shadow being sunk into the ground as it moved from the middle of the street to the left following the light path so it was clearly a form reflecting off the lights. I yelled to Mike "did you see that shadow thing dart across the road?" as I was continuing to turn around. He said he didn't and told me to describe it, then said maybe it was the Wilton Skinwalker talked about in that area.
Then as we were driving the right way home and the GPS began to work I saw a woman dressed in black and white, off the side of the road just standing there, I was looking that direction cause I was talking to Mike and the road so saw a human figure with black hair and a white blank face, I looked in the mirror and saw a dark silhouette of a figure in front of horizon, so it was there physically. We were still in the middle of know where. I yelled at Mike "was that a human I just saw just standing on the side of the road." He said no but remarked maybe the Wilton Skinwalker was following us.
Thanks for the crazy night have to review footage and see what we got.
Thank you Paul, Deanna, and everyone! I am glad we had results! Next time we can do it on the dark. I felt so accepted and sincerely cared about by so many of you. I felt like I was having an out of body experience! It was awesome, please share my contact info to anyone who wants to stay in touch. I need a short bio of you and Deanna with a picture so I can share you will be at Pagan Pride. Thank you
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