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Hi quick pop in

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Hi, took/taking UM break felt one was needed. 

We’re well here, Luca Rose is now 3months/12 weeks old, showing her own personality, getting big, so beautiful, cuddly, smiley and giggly. 

Currently teething (since 10 weeks) which is not fun, but helping ease the pain. 

The past 3 months flew by. 


Her daddy and I have not set a wedding date.

in fact we’ve decided not to have an actual wedding and instead we will have courthouse/registeristy office ceremony and nice dinner for close family and friends to celebrate.

The money is better off going to things like house deposit and children’s education etc. 


Drama with oldest sister is resolved she’s met Luca Rose and now admits she over reacted, we’ve moved on from it.

She and other family adore Luca Rose.


Drama with friend is eased but friendship is still strained, but oh well.

 Van and I will continue doing what’s best for us and our daughter, no regrets that we didn’t allow visitors to hospital or home that first week. 


One of my brothers (both are 48, I’m 31) has in his words “abandoned” me, because we would not post or send photos to him on social media and he not once tried visiting. 

He inboxed me and was so rude including saying to me goodbye and so much for family over a photo saying my baby my rules and then removed me as a friend. 

He inboxed dad and deleted before he could read it saying: Tell that dumb A** B***H Casey the family is abandoning her.

By the family he meant only himself, our other brother and sisters etc were not happy him pulling that and especially when I have a newborn. 

That all happened when dad put up a status (rarely does, he n Van had to after mine fell on deaf ears) about respecting Van and my wishes of no social media photos of baby. 

Van politely commented on it, then brother deleted the comment and inboxed dad. 

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