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talking to myself

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We are known, there is nothing to fear





We are known, there is nothing to fear

Dear children! I am thanking God for each of you. In a special way, little children,
thank you for having responded to my call. I am preparing you for the new times
that you may be firm in faith and persevering in prayer, so that the Holy Spirit may
work through you and renew the face of the earth. I am praying with you for peace
which is the most precious gift, even though Satan wants war and hatred. You, little
children, be my extended hands and proudly go with God. Thank you for having
responded to my call.”
Medjugorje Monthly Message June 25, 2019 to Marija


Everyone speaks of peace or the desire for it.  Yet, how can it be achieved?  Most people I know, or in some way, at war with themselves.  Inner conflicts that are hidden from others, yet powerful just the same.  Our wars, family situations, our cities, and the state of the world is but a reflection of our own inner lives. 

People often talk about love/hate relationships.  The human heart is deeply sensitive, and when betrayed, it is normal to protect ourselves from further pain.  This can lead to spreading the pain around when our desire to protect ourselves leads to reacting, instead of interacting.   Self-destructive behavior of all kinds flows from the circle-of-pain that is easy to get caught up in.  It takes away our peace, often forcing us to seek relief in ways that only make us suffer more.

As a Christian, I believe that I am called to allow Jesus to incarnate in me, so that my hands, in reality, do become his hands.  My mind, his mind, my heart, his heart.  The closer this conscious union with Christ Jesus becomes, the more I see how I can step in and slow that process down.  My anger, my fear of pain, and the wounds that still need healing can only happen when I admit my need for grace, mercy, and healing.  In that, I become more human, though only Jesus Christ was fully human.  On the Cross, he forgave everyone, a fully human act.  Jesus, was a man whose heart was so strong that he could take on the pain, fear, anger, and hatred, both for self and others, that is the burden of humanity, and not be destroyed by it, but transform it into love and mercy. 

We are known, there is nothing to fear, but all we need do is to open up our hearts to the peace and healing that Jesus offers.  It is not an easy path, but easier than the ones we choose for ourselves.  We are called to love, to be merciful, and compassionate because we are made in the image and likeness of God. 



Don’t be dismayed

Until the day dawns when Christ Jesus comes,
at our death, or on the last day,
as we seek to walk His way of love,
we will fall seven times a day,
do not be dismayed by this,
for we grow by our failures,
if we just but trust in the Infinite love of our Father,
as shown us through Jesus Christ. 

All who bear good fruit, no matter their path
are closer to the Lord than they know,
so let us all be gentle with others,
knowing that the human heart is fragile
and easily broken, scarring in defense from shattered trust–Br.MD








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This is nothing more than preaching. Just like every single blog entry you've made. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Well, it is not preaching my friend, I am sharing what I believe, just as you do in you sharing as well  ;-).  Always good hearing from you.  I hope you are doing well.

One reason I stay on my blog, and not post in the forums, is that some do react the way you do, so out of respect, I stay here. 



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You make an excellent point about reacting.  Observing our emotional and behavioral reactions to conflict of one sort or another is tremendously informative and can lead to the diminution of our auto-driven reactivity.  Once the sources of reactive impulse are understood it can eventually be contained; once it is contained, negative emotional swings and combative behaviors no longer have an unrestricted life of their own.  Sustained peace of heart and mind can thrive once this happens, IMO.  A spiritual life prospers in such conditions.  And I think if we are meant to understand anything, it is most certainly our own selves and our interconnectedness with others and the cosmos.

A beautiful post.

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