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talking to myself

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The only way to deal with an inner storm

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The only way to deal with an inner storm

The only way to deal with an inner storm is to understand that it will pass, as well as understanding that it is best to wait until the rising waves, and high winds, calm down. I can't think logically when I am in some form of an inner temper tantrum, for at that moment, I am off center.

Our Belief systems will often dictate how we respond to these times of deep anger, fear, or anxiety. We can hold back, understanding that these states can be triggered by something, very small but opens a floodgate of repressed rage, and yes sorrow, which can bring out anger.

I am deeply self-centered, and being emotional will only make it worse. All else can be blocked out, and I can become judge, jury, and executor.

Having the habit of prayer in one's life can help to give the soul a place to stand in the midst of the storm. Prayer that is truly open to the Spirit of God, will not be spared the hard road of self-knowledge. It can bring about growth in the ability to embrace one's inner poverty, as well as taking responsibility for any action that has hurt someone.

Prayer, having a trusting relationship with God allows us to see deeply into ourselves without retreating.

I am still working on this. I had a blowup this week because I was triggered by a statement made by another monk that was meant to help me, but instead, it brought up a flood of emotion that had its roots in my far past.

Thankfully, by the help of God's grace, I was led to understand what had happened and was able to take responsibility and apologize. I was at fault, I am not a victim, hopefully, I will learn from this. If I elected to remain a victim, I would only be able to blame, making someone else responsible for my outburst. In the end, hurting a good relationship with a friend.—Br-MD

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It's true that all bad, unpleasant emotions and inner storms don't last forever and will pass, Markdohle.  That's often what I tell myself when I'm having a bad day.  And telling myself that when I'm unhappy often helps me.

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