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talking to myself

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We are called to love beyond family




We are called to love beyond family
When anger, contempt and stereotyping are in play, it can act as a wall of protection from seeing ourselves in others, in their pain, isolation and their many forms of suffering. It lessens our own humanity, for si n is a way that is used to escape the most central truth of life….that others for us, especially those we do not identify with, those with which we have a natural antipathy towards, are in fact for us an encounter with Christ Jesus. For me, it is a hard aspect of carrying the cross of Christ Jesus. We are called to love beyond family, tribe, race, and religion.--Br.MD


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Yes, it can be.  More often than not, it is often a response that has been long overdue.  


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Good point, Markdohle.  Anger can be a healthy emotion.  And often it is a response that can be long overdue.

If we never felt angry, other people could take advantage of us and walk all over us.

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