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Why Psychiatrists Prescribe Medication(s)




Psychiatric medications have come a long way over the years.  These pills have helped lots of people overcome serious mental health issues.  For many, they couldn't have overcome mental illness without psychiatric medications, myself included.

Unfortunately, psychiatric medications (as well as all medications, for that matter), come with potential side effects, some quite serious.  These meds have their trade-offs.
And some people are afraid to take medication because of it.
However, while taking psychiatric drugs have their risks, for some, it's even more risky for them to not be on these meds.  Some individuals simply can't overcome and recover from mental illness without it.  I know I never could have.
If you don't need to be on psychiatric medication(s), then it's riskier to be on them (then to not be on them).  But if you need to be on these pills, then it's riskier to not be on them.  It's safer and less risky to be on them.


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