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The doll

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I want to start off this blog from the very beginning. I was very little I don't remember it my mother is the one who told me this. When I was a little girl my mother told me I would get up in the middle of the night with my doll and walk into the kitchen in the dark. She always heard me talking to someone it creeped her out she didn't tell me what I would be saying. My mother would go into the kitchen to send me back to bed. Ok so one night like the other nights my mom saw me get up and walk to the kitchen with my doll in the dark I started talking to someone again. My mother walked into the kitchen and turned on the lights. She saw my doll fall to the ground she said I was playing with someone in there but I have no memory of it. My doll was floating in the air and it scared the crap out of her she said I never did it again. This happened at my grandmother's house I have a lot of stories from when I lived with her. That house scared me as a child and it still does to this day. I won't go in that house alone.

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Fear is your worst enemy. Nothing in the supernatural world can hurt you unless you let it and fear empowers the situation. 

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