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Riding the waves

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Riding the waves

Emotions rise and fall,
fueled by unruly thoughts,
like ocean waves, we learn to ride,
knowing that it will pass,
and calm restored.

There are storms and lightning,
we may feel like we are drowning,
then it calms and we find peace for a time.

There is love and friendship,
the waves beautiful and they carry us,
over the rough eddies that we  must traverse,
carrying us into deeper love and trust,
learning forgiveness and compassion.

In the midst of the whirlwind, we can find peace,
if we ground ourselves on what is stable,
eternal, and loving.

To pray can bring us to a place of inner silence,
we can observe the waves without being pulled under,
for all things pass, and life moves on,
nothing lasts forever in this life.

We need to get through each day with its worries,
not burdening ourselves with the waves
that may come on the morrow.—Br.MD

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Emotions do rise and fall, which is why I just enjoy the good times and the good emotions.

And when my emotions fall, I know the good emotions will return.  Nothing in this life lasts forever, including negative and unpleasant emotions.

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