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The Christian path and Mary’s role

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Mary's role iln the Christian Path

Every since I was a small child, I have had a devotion to the Blessed Mother.  I do think because of that, my devotion has not interfered with my intimacy with Christ Jesus, but only over the years deepened it.   This is the experience of untold numbers of Christians from the old expressions of the Christian faith.  Also, I have met many non-Catholic’s who have admitted to me a love of Mary, as well as of the Rosary.

There will perhaps never be a time when Catholics and non-Catholics will agree on the place that Mary plays in our spiritual lives.  For me, she has only increased my love of Jesus.  She is one with Jesus, and of all the saints, she only understands her absolute dependence on God, hence her role, to draw all of her children to the depths of the mystery of the Holy Trinity. 

Below is one of the best articles I have seen on the subject.  I hope you take the time to read it……it is short !!!!!

René Laurentin, Queen of Heaven

            The heavenly motherhood of Our Lady implies, therefore, a very perfect knowledge of her children, perfect in its origin since it proceeds from the vision of God, and perfect in its integrity because the sensible harmonics of all human know­ledge find in her their full echo. But to be a mother is more than to know, it is to do. What is the form taken by Mary's activity in regard to her children? It is a difficult and much discussed question. One point is certain: she exercises a universal intercession, a living intercession which has its origin in love. A mother does not know her children in the manner of a scientist coldly tabulating phenomena. Hers is a knowledge full of intention and desires, like that of an artist in regard to his works, with the difference that the works in her case are persons. Mary's desires in regard to her children are the very desires of God. And it is an absurd anthropomorphism to set God's justice in opposition to the maternal mercy of Mary. The merciful prayers, of the Virgin have their effect because they are the actual expression of the love of the God of mercy.

            Does this mean they are useless? Certainly not. Because God, whose power is in no need of human agency, chose in his all-gracious design to make the Redemption the work of mankind, so that salvation might be wholly, and at each of its stages, on the heavenly as on the earthly plane, the work simultaneously of mankind and of God: he became man for men's salvation; he associated a woman in his sav­ing work; he entrusted the Church to mere men, the apostles and their successors, and was pleased to let them perform works even "greater" than his own; he caused each man to merit (de condigno) his own salvation, etc. ...The intercession in heaven of Christ, the Virgin and the saints shows the same purpose of tender regard for mankind; and in this order Mary surpasses the saints, for in her heart, as in that of her Son, divine love finds a perfect resonance: a resonance that is pure, because Mary is sinless; full, because she is full of graces; sensible and warm, because she possesses her bodily integrity. Finally Mary is a woman, and this gives to her intercession a cer­tain something that nothing else can replace. As the heart of Christ gives the manly harmonics of divine love, so the heart of Mary gives its feminine and maternal harmonics. It pleases God to listen to this double echo in the human free­dom of his own intentions. That is why he values so highly the intercession of the holy humanity of Christ, and of the person of the Virgin who is linked to him so closely and in such harmony.

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