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Happy Labor Day!

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Yes I have been here 15 years now.  2nd blog.  So I want to tell a little about myself and some things I do.

I do like Yahoo.com, as I do go visit lotto post.com.  I have about 5 blogs there.  Yes I have a couple of lottery programs to help win the lottery.  It's fun as long as you don't use your lunch money.

I like Steyn online.com.  Lot's of fun there.  (Mark Steyn)

Sept 1st, when Germany invaded Poland.  The Germans won because they marched in backwards and the Poles thought they were leaving.  bad joke

I go to gog.com to buy games, it's like steam in a way.  I am trying to learn X4 space game.  I'm a gamer, at 61 years old.  Been married 34 years.  Good wife.

I am off tomorrow, yes!  OK tired, be back very soon.

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