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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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All the Times I Saw the Devil

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All the Times I saw the Devil
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
Email: jazmaonline@gmail.com
Sacramento Paranormal Haunted Hotline: 916 203 7503
While I was recently on a day trip to a place called Benicia, California, we parked near the State Capitol Park. After we had finished walking to Angel Heart and dedicated my oracle cards and stones, it was close to sunset. We were throwing out garbage from the car at a trash can and looked over at the building. Paul said that he wanted to go see it. Then, I was walking up the stairs and I noticed you have to pay to get in so I was telling him to get his wallet and then the guy at the desk said they were closing in 15 minutes, so just come on in.
I looked through all the rooms real quickly and noticed that there were plenty of wooden tables with hats on them. There were also white candlesticks, that had been melted and lit in some places. The windows let the light cover the surface of the judicial altars and spirits darted in all the corners of the rooms. I knew I was sensing a very excellent energy in the room and I was drawn to the painting on the wall.
The painting is of the story of Mount Diablo, the devil's mountain, or The Legend of Monte del Diablo. The Mount of the Devil goes like this; The reference can be traced back to 1805, when Spanish military troops searched for Indians that had runaway from a mission.They escaped successfully. Angry and confused, the Spanish called the site, “Monte del Diablo”, or “Thicket of the Devil”. The characters in the painting represent a holy man and his cross and the attempts by the devil to whisper in his ear to mislead. This story has been told in all of our lives. Maybe not of this encounter, but of the times we entertained our own thoughts and desires.
All the Times I saw the Devil
The first time I remember knowing the devil (keep in mind that I also believe in multiple realities and philosophies, which some do not include the devil, but shadow energy of a different kind...) was as a young girl. I have had memories my whole early childhood that I could recall seeing him especially, mostly with the face of a dark haired man, earthy skin and no facial hair. His eyes always change colors because he reincarnates, like fire through the ground. His thoughts spark his inspiration and his obsessive heart has emotional watery capabilities. He still creates worlds of beauty because it comes so naturally to him through age and wisdom. That is where his charm is.
The first time he showed himself was when my parents would drive me around at night through cemeteries and back roads to look up at the stars and tell me stories. They pointed to the sky one night because there was three clouds in the shape of claw marks, lined up together and my father said those are witches fingers, it means you are a witch. I looked up and I saw the devil's face looking at me from the sky.
In bed, while I was dreaming was that he was a person that had sexually abused me as a child. The same person who's face would turn into that look of curiosity and competition. I saw him meet with Diana the moon goddess in my dreams as she was a black cat and birth Aradia, the mother of witches. I saw him in the black widows that infested our house once as a small kid. I saw him everywhere and in my past lives is the same person who always ended me somehow. The father of destruction, the birther of beauty and purity, the all powerful warrior.
All the Times I saw the Devil
I saw him come from the fires of underground caves which were filled with jewels and treasures of the like, while people pushed chariots forward through a passage to the surface. He praises God, for look what he has done, but he looks into himself and sees the abyss, the dark nothing from where he came because he has eyes of 1000 spiders upon his head that leave and go wherever they seek, to gather information, the source of all power in the soul. In his head he knows every thought of man because he has become mortal, entwined with us. Birthing into each new generation, a new breed of shadow to mirror the light of the fallen sun.
In my dreams, he is the fires. I light a fire and I can see his creatures taking shape, all pieces of his energy that were projected and easily given to him, the source of Earthly authority. He does not eat often, but when he does, he turns men to vampires, craving, lusting and desiring more. His eyes are adjusted to seeing in the dark because that is where the peace is. When you feel ever feeling of defeat, but he just keeps falling, it's not like it happens just once and then I feel like I am falling too. In this way he is impatience.
I wrote to him a letter once, although I addressed it to Lucifer. I was 11. I said where are you and come and show yourself, I desire to know more. I burned the letter and angels carried it to where he dwells (thank you). I received a message back, whispered into my ears by angels that read along the lines of it's complicated because I dreamed of a maze that was all lit up in red. The maze was inside of a house, the walls were shaped with wood and wallpaper, cream with a brown wooden trim. He was in the middle, on a computer, searching for information. He showed me a programming system that he had started up where he could track everyone. It was getting so hot, because this place was also connected to a mine shaft so fire kept burning all around and I ran back to the surface and woke. I was drenched in sweat.
I saw all kinds of spirits wake from the confusion that was happening. I have had many paranormal experiences. Let me say that he wanted me to know he could reach me. He sleeps a lot, but he dreams and goes into that world with others as well. Always stay protected, thinking positive, and logical and never give in to pity on yourself, you are creating a monster. He is overly empathic to the point he is nosy to use the information.
My dad used to have a devil tattoo on his arm and then he changed it to a cross. The devil was like an imp with wings and a tail. The devil used to tell me he was my daddy, not God because he is on Earth. Air is thought,,, water comes next in emotion, fire is the prayer and Earth is the birth. People will try to tell you they helped you for control and power. The fire does not use the air, yet they coexist and co create such as the earth and water. It is a cycle much like the seasons, a wheel turning. The luck is in love.
All the Times I saw the Devil
When people get crosses and turn them upside down, your draining energy which is what the Earth would do if you let it by simply not having the strength to create boundaries. The purity does not go to the victim, it goes to the survivor. The dead go down to the Earth, to reverse the cycle. So they are birthing into winter, while we are having our springs. It's a cycle that follows the notions of transcendence. The spirit of the dead, rise up eventually as the air, the original starting point that we realized. The womb is the emotion we grew which we didn't have before we came into this reality. Fire is the process that keeps things moving and growing.
One time I saw the devil in my dreams and I asked him if he was in love with me because he keeps following me everywhere. He said I was not meant for him. He was just there because God wanted him to be. Maybe he will tell him all my secrets as he is the best storyteller there is besides the Gods like Odin and others. He will maybe prompt me to a certain situation in order to make a good saga to tell somewhere.
Sometimes he comes through as a voice that wasn't really said, but that you heard. Sometimes it's a secretive whisper because he takes them and gives them back in changed ways. He doesn't do things intentionally, much like fire, but he has such massive power he is just made to burn everything. He is a huge star that keeps changing forms.
All the Times I saw the Devil
I see him often portrayed in the media. He carries himself on eternally, like the prophecies that magicians have manifested. He is a great teacher to those who are able to understand that he is who is meant to become as are we. The battles we fight are everyday. They are with doubt, selfishness, insecurities, when to strike the balance of the four elements meeting together in a crossroads of energy to create spirit together.
As we stared into that fire together, him and I, although he wished to remain unseen, I could feel thoughts drifting that were much wiser than my own. From the world I came was so simple and these thoughts were so strong that they overcame me with emotions and visions of snakes and other symbols of destruction meant to be returned in a process of transformation and rebirth like sap, coal, water and all living pieces of spirit coming from the Earth, only to be swallowed again eventually and made new again as jewels and promises. What belongs to the Earth, returns.
And so it was that we move along together through the universe. I can sense him always near for he grows bigger the more he devours and it gets hard to breathe, hard to see and a confusion sets in to most. Some will fall asleep to his crackling fire and find comfort in the sound, while others pray for retribution for feeding him wood and books.Some people are romantics in front of the fire, fueling love and passion. Pay attention to the feathers he leaves around you or other traces of his incarnations, energy and emotions. A fire is always summoned and resurrected from the Earth and breathes within our paths... only to return again...
There have been numerous paranormal sightings at Mount Diablo to this day. For more information, take a look at Paul's article.
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