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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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Area 51: Warning Keep Out! (Book Review)

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Name: Timothy Green Beckley's Area 51: Warning Keep Out!
Publisher: Inner/Light Global
Author: Timothy Green Beckley's and Contributors

Overviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective / www.cryptic916.com/

Comments: Timothy discusses on the time he visited Area 51 in his article "The Sun Never Sets on Area 51". Timothy gives his true accounts on his travels to Area 51, there are some comical moments that had me laughing hysterically. Timothy describes his adventure with such detail, I felt like I was sitting in the passenger seat, but fortunately for Timothy, his friends Helen and Page were there to keep Timothy company! Wait until you see the pictures in this book! Timothy outdid himself with the stories and photos. In this thrilling book, you get the scoop on Robert Lazar, the controversial Area 51 whistle blower. Did you want to know more about that famous bar in Rachel, Nevada? You know the Little A'Le'Inn that was shown in the movie "Paul"? Yes, you get the intel in this book. I will tell you, I will never forget the A'Le'Inn, it's a truly memorable place. Tim R. Swartz discusses Area 51, the worst kept secret around, the cold war and its connection to Area 51 and the black budget aircraft that are kept at this secret base. Tim R. Swartz lets the reader know what Bob Lazar thinks about storming Area 51. I will let you know that Bob Lazar does not entertain the idea. Joshua P. Warren discusses on how Bob Lazar worked on an exotic machine, the size of a basketball. This machine had a force field around it. Joshua talks in detail of his encounter with Lazar. A very interesting piece. What happens when a person goes past the warning signs at Area 51? Alejandro Rojas will tell you. There is a nice photo showing trespassers being detained at Area 51. This is truly a book that is hard to put down. When I got this book the other day, my wife saw my enthusiasm in reading everything in this book and had to tell me….”Paul, slow down, take a breather!” There is so much information to absorb from this book, you will find yourself having the same problem in trying to put the book down. Let me give you some teasers, you get information on John Lear, MJ 12, the alien treaty. You will learn how the Air Force illegally closed 89,600 acres of public land around the Groom Mountain Range, so snoopers can’t get a glimpse of the base. There is much to be learned from this book. Did you know that Lazar thought it was a crime against people and the scientific community, in not telling them that we made contact with aliens? While going through this book, there is a superb picture of a possible underground facility located at Area 51. Sean Castell talks about one of the most controversial whistle blowers known. This whistle blower was known as Commander X. He talks about how Commander X discussed the Government's Teleportation Program and was Tim Keith’s other persona Commander X? Hmmmm? It just makes you wonder. If I told you everything that is in this book, I would be writing a book to describe all of the incredible Area 51 knowledge contained in this magnificent book! So let's cut through the chase and get more of a glimpse of what you will find in this literary masterpiece: What was Aerospace role with ARVs (Alien Replicated Vehicles)? What did Gary McKinnon, world renowned hacker learn about the Secret Space Program? In this book, you get a graphic reproduction photo of the UFO crash in Argentina. Learn about DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases). Find out what Brad & Sherry Steiger say about the Frankenstein factories at Dulce. Are aliens conducting genetic experiments at Dulce? Learn more about Hanger 18 and Wright Patterson AFB. Is Los Alamos and Dulce connected by a secret tunnel system?
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