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The challenge that fear presents

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The challenge that fear presents
Fear is a gift, like all emotions and feelings,
If we listen to what is being presented to us
it can lead to greater freedom, and healing.
To fear what can hurt or kill us is of course wise,
yet irrational fear, mistaken as real, can lead to an inner prison.
Harmful cycles in our lives have a life of their own,
always ending in the same situation of pain, fear, and depression.
They wrap us in inner chains and drag us.down.
If we do not face our fears and develop inner strength,
then our weakness will take over; we will respond with implosion or explosion.
It becomes part of the ongoing destructive situation.
No one has the right to abuse us, nor do we have the right to abuse others. Abuse has its roots in our past,
and until we understand what is happening, the inner chains only become stronger.
It takes great courage to seek help from others. Be it friends, professionals, or ever at times law enforcement.
Some fears can only be dealt with by the one bound by them. A hard proposition,
but until we understand that we need not be victims, and no one has the right to mistreat us, we will stay in bondage.
Our faith, deeply understood, leading to a trusting openness to God can be a big healing factor in our lives.
Deepen faith, pray, and ask for the strength to be what we are called to be, free Children of God.
It is not easy, all we need do is take the first step in trust, then the next. Do what is needed,
seek outside help, and keep fear in check.--Br.MD
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Facing my fears is hard for me.  However, not facing them and running from them is even more difficult for me.  And not developing inner strength is not a good option for me either.

Not facing my fears and not developing inner strength is too scary for me!

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