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September 2019

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Lunar Wolf


Been away a long time and honestly not sure how I still feel about this place. I honestly enjoyed this website and love it so much. But a while back, from since the last time I ever bothered to be on. I deleted the originally posting, however, unlike most accounts I can no longer make posts on my main page instead of always having to make them here and that is because the admins got upset that I was making longer posts and remaking the posts after getting deleted they took it away and it wasn't even just that, when I directed a link to another place where I make posts they got upset and ****ty saying it is a problem for me to link other accounts in on page statue post. Honestly as far as the admins for the place goes, they suck at what they do. I see so many others who may link stuff and make longer posts as their statuses and nothing, but for someone reason it seems the person with less people and who is different has the problems and gets **** on. But you know that is fine. If anyone truly wants to see content of mine follow me on

Quotev at Evil's Wolf
Fanfiction at Evil's Wolf
Instagram at ziga_wolf
Twitter at ZigaWolf
Discord at Ziga_Wolf #5775
Xbox at Wolfzer99

Sorry I can no longer enjoy bringing content to those I have found on this site. Sometimes things happen for a reason and you can never really know for sure. All of these accounts except discord and xbox will be linked in my bio for easy access.

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