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My thoughts



September 21, 2019

I have seen a lot of evidence regarding Bigfoot. But when I don’t understand is these people that recorded the videos never seem to record long enough, or seem to follow him while recording. I believe this cryptid is real but we need good evidence and video of him/her. Plus some of the footprints that they have casted of his/her foots look good but others and not even close to a footprint. Also if this cryptid lives off of plants or what ever he eats. how come we have not seen a poop on the ground.... or teeth or some kinda thing to help identify him/her. People we need to start following this cryptid when ever he is seen. We can not be afraid of it, we have to encourage him to come out. Better yet found out we’re they live so we can protect them and do research on them so we know how to save them or help them in anyway. 


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