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A day out with Luke

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I wrote this ten years ago. A very beautiful memory about a day I spent with Fr. Luke, and a visit with Claire a dear friend, and a very funny lady. To spend time with her is to lalugh.--BrMD



day out with Luke

Took Luke, who is 96 years old,
to see a good friend yesterday,
I combine trips,
he had a dentist appointment,
and Clair lives 15 miles away,
she loves Luke very much, which is not hard to do,
he is a gentle soul,
always smiling and helps to take care of people 30 years his junior.


I asked him what he wants for lunch,
he thought for a few minutes,
he always looks up to his left when thinking,


and said,
baloney sandwiches, with mustard,
something I could agree upon,
I so love baloney.
I asked for hot dogs,
we are both cheap dates that is for sure.

With mashed potatoes and baked beans,
a coke, glass with ice and I for one am set.

 We arrived,
Clair and her mother
and the dogs,
treated Luke like he was a rock star,
such a fuss,
while I,
sad to say was ignored,
a 60-year-old cannot compete with someone 96,
with enough charm to coax apples off a tree before their time.

There was a very nice Jamaican lady there,
I am such a ditz
I forgot her name,
but herself no,
she was very nice
big smile,
and best of all she let me have some Chicken and rice,
ahhhhhh such memories of my Panama days
when Mandy would bring home the same dish,
it almost tasted the same,
ate the whole thing
to my shame,
well no, no shame at all.

Of course more pictures of the baby;
I think the world will one day end,
drowning in pictures of the perfect babies,
shown by proud moms and grandmas,
throughout the world;
yes, of course, the baby is perfect.

We ate,
I drank my coke,
ate four hot dogs,
mustard on the bottom of the bun,
then onions,
then yes the hot dog,
baked beans,
sour kraut,
and yes the chicken and rice;
so in the end,
to say I was surfeited is an understatement,
did not even have room for ice cream,
but it was Clair's fault and the nice Jamaican lady,
it is cool to have someone to blame,

 We left,
Luke takes forever to say goodbye,
I am surprised we got out the same day,
but I finally got him to the car,
off we went,
he sleeping most of the way,
I listened to Rush Limbaugh;
there is a rumor that he is god
but I don’t believe it al all.
He tells me the global warming is a farce,
Well, that made me feel so much better,
if he says it
it must be true
at least that is what I am told.

Finally got home,
got Luke to his room and I?
Well, I am starting to feel my age,
for some reason, I was wiped out,
perhaps my four hotdogs had something to do with it.

Oh well,
a good time was had by all,
perhaps at his next appointment in six months
we will do it all over again.—Br.MD

PS Fr. Luke lived until he was 102



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