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Chaos /life/faith

Faith can be bare-boned at times, with trust being the only operative ingredient working. Chaos seems to be part of life, though if I had my way I would do away with that. Then again, I feel if that wish came true, perhaps I would disappear, or just become flat, like a lake with no ripples; for struggles seems to be needed by our species. Like the salmon striving to go upstream to breed, so we do the same, often for reasons that are veiled. An inner compass guides me, and I believe others, for again I am not that unique. Or another way; common, every day, in my uniqueness, actually no different than others. The inner compass? Well that I feel is grace; quiet, hidden, yet powerfully at work in all lives. Though, I guess those who suffer from terminal uniqueness (I have been there, and will perhaps revisit that silly place). Well, that is not good news at all. Life is less tragic if it is known that we all pretty much go through the same things, Tragedy, loss, illness, you name it, happens to all of us. Who knows, perhaps in the end, it is all good……I kind of believe that. Life goes by fast, just holding on can be the best thing we can do and simply not giving in to despondency or despair. The real work is in the depths, we are God’s work of art.

No one can downplay what others go through, We need to support one another the best way we can, through prayer and action. Even strangers if it presents itself.--BrMD
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Captain Risky


Cant do away with chaos. Its chaos that creates order that eventually gives way to chaos again. A never ending process. A circle of life and death in its many forms. Ive started reading Stephen Fry's Mythos and its excellent. A modern telling on the ancient Greek gods and the way they viewed the world.

Not sure if you're allowed to read pagan mythology but theres much wisdom to be found in the way people viewed their world and explained away nature and and the nature of men and gods. 

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Of course, I have studied 'pagan, myths.  Pain and chaos are wake up calls, they bring us back to ourselves, make us alert, lead to growth hopefully.



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