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The Reality of His Presence

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The Reality of His Presence
“For you I must be everything.  Everything!  You understand? 
Your life is mine…Move out of yourself; I’m living in you. 
Do you grasp what I mean?  I take up all the room.”
(From the book “He and I”)  Author:  Gabrielle Bossis
 Pauline Press 6 Feb 41
(From the book “He and I”) Author: Gabrielle Bossis
 Pauline Press 6 Feb 41
God accommodates us when He speaks. Using language that we can understand, when speaking of the incomprehensible, the ineffable, so that we may at least to begin to comprehend the depth of the love that the Eternal has for each one of us.
For instance, when He speaks to us ‘becoming’ little children, He is actually inviting us to embrace what is real….that being, our total dependence on God for our very existence. Just as little children are dependent on their parents. Though it goes much deeper, for the more childlike we become, as opposed to becoming more self-centered the way a child can be when acting childish, the deeper we move into the true humanity that Christ Jesus is calling us all to. Paradox is always at work with it comes to our growth into living out our true image and likeness.
So when Christ Jesus is speaking to Gabrielle, He is really telling her what the truth of the matter is. God, even if we do not believe, or, are indifferent to His existence, He really is, ‘our everything’. For in Him we ‘Live and move and have our being”. Like it or not we are in a relationship with Him, by our very existence. To deny that, freely, can only lead to an existence that is rootless, for everything we touch disappears and dies. All those we love also die, but to be in Christ Jesus, or to simply seek God, connects us to a life and love that is eternal. In the end, we lose nothing but gain the hundredfold. To seek is to be open to the truth. To stop seeking is to close ourselves off from further revelation of God’s love and existence.
If God exists, then to not take that seriously is to live a life that is based on a lie. Emptiness cannot fill itself. Our souls can only find rest in the infinite, the eternal, to not do so, is to starve and to become simple mist, which disappears when the light of truth comes in the morning.—Br.MD
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I believe, that Jesus symbolizes freedom. Freedom in the sense, for us to reach our Highest potential Consciously. Thank you for the blog! Many blessings!

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Davros of Skaro


"If God exists, then to not take that seriously is to live a life that is based on a lie.".

Here's a conference for Christian apologists to harmonize the contradictions between the four Gospels.



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I will watch it.  I agree with what you said in your comment

"If God exists, then to not take that seriously is to live a life that is based on a lie.".

Many Christians are what they call 'Practical Athiest".  Though that is I believe an insult to that atheists who think about what they believe and live it out in a thoughtful manner.


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