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Life is a marathon, not a sprint



Life is a marathon, not a sprint
In life, we do not see the finish line,
we just begin each day anew,
perhaps conscious of our seeking,
or if not, perhaps wondering what compels us,
to continue in spite of failure and loss.
Joy, love, family, and friends help give spice to our days,
a healing balm more often than not,
giving us reasons to continue our quest,
that is often not understood.
Our faith is light that shines on the deepest meaning of life,
if we have the ears to hear and the eyes to see.
Answers can be very simple, living them out
is another matter, for life is often like a path
that only we can see, others not understanding.
Just as I do not often comprehend the path of others,
but I can listen, and be there for those I know, respect and love.
I have yet to meet another human being who has had a carefree life,
appearances notwithstanding. All one needs is to see
and listen with an open mind and heart.
Our emotions often override our minds, causing havoc and pain,
we try to be rational, logical, but it is like treading water trying not to be pulled under.
Faith in God is not an escape from life, but draws us deeper
into union with all, if we allow ourselves to be drawn by graces call.
When we seek and pray, we are answering God's loving action,
an invitation to go deeper in and higher up--Br.MD

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