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Not Irrational Beliefs, But Unhealthy Beliefs




One of the most common forms of psychotherapy, called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, focuses on replacing irrational beliefs with more rational beliefs for those in therapy with mental illness.  For example, those with clinical depression have lots of negative irrational beliefs.  And people with bipolar disorder who are in a manic phase often have grandiose beliefs and goals that aren't realistic.

However, one person I know feels that saying that those with mental illness have a lot of irrational beliefs and that counselors have belief systems that are a lot more rational is condescending to those with mental illness.

That's why another individual I know, a therapist, doesn't tell her clients that they have irrational beliefs.  Instead, she often tells them that they have unhealthy beliefs.
I think maybe that's more appropriate.
What do you think?

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Neither sounds flattering. Maybe a better term would be "unproductive" or "not helpful in producing a good outcome for you".

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