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When things seem cold and dark




When things seem cold and dark

no matter how dark it gets in my soul,
when it feels like a blizzard in a sunless world,
when all I see is pain, suffering,
and how we are the cause of most of it,
and I just want to run and hide,
no comfort, nor a place to rest,
yet it is then that I feel your presence,
deep within, seeking to whisper your love to me,
asking me to ‘be calm’,
do not be afraid to open my heart
to be fully in this world,

To just be.

So gentle your approach,
yet insistent you will not leave me be,
for that I am thankful.

Also knowing that your love for me,
is the unique love you have for each,
this world is a mystery for me,
so absurd so much of life,
yet, your love, and presence
give depth and meaning.

So again, Lord, I say ‘YES’.

To just be.—Br.MD


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Many who believe in The Lord find that it gives them strength when the world as well as life becomes difficult to deal with.

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