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No need to force or to achieve

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No need to force or to achieve

When fatigued it is hard to pray,
or focus, or at times to even think,
when the inner waves rise about me,
and anxieties seek to sink me,
it is then that my mind can race,
so over the long years, I have learned
that there is a place of inner calm,
as if I am sitting in a boat on a raging sea,
or resting into my fatigue,
and let myself sink into presence of the Infinite,
no need to force, or to achieve,
just simply be, with an inner ear to listen,
a heart to open,
to whatever is, for soon it will change,
only the Infinite stay, all else ethereal,
wispy, even if there is deep pain, or worse
tightly held by ennui.

To simply set, or to read prayerfully, or the use of beads,
to slowly walk, or run, for prayer it is all the same.

We can only pray and be present, the only way we can—Br.MD

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Posted (edited)

I don't want to let anxieties sink me either, which is why it's important for me to have a place of inner calm.

Edited by MainerMikeBrown

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I agree MainerMIkeBrown, without it we become scattered, frantic, and can't do much.



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