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Are Your Beliefs And How You Feel The Same?




Years ago, Aaron Beck invented Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  This form of psychotherapy was invented because he noticed that those with mental illness have a lot of irrational beliefs, which are part of why some have mental health issues.  Depressed people have beliefs which are too negative.  Those with bipolar disorder, when they're manic, often have beliefs and goals that are too grandiose.  Folks with clinical anxiety typically have beliefs which cause them to over-worry about situations.  You get the idea.

CBT therapists believe that your belief system influences how you feel.

However, some people say that what they believe, their belief system, isn't always the same as how they feel, their emotions.
But for me, it seems like what my beliefs are and how I actually feel are always the same.  If I feel good, my beliefs are positive and vice-versa.  If I feel sad, my beliefs are negative, and vice-versa.
I'm wondering if those who say that their beliefs and how they feel aren't always the same are wrong.  Maybe their beliefs are always the same as how they feel but they just don't realize it.  
Am I right?  
I don't know, since I can't read other peoples minds.  The only mind I can read is my own.
What do you think about this?  Are your beliefs and how you feel always the same or not, in your opinion?

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I don't know if you are right or not but I have found that cognitive therapy is the only one that shows results, however if the results aren't seen in 6 weeks of that therapy it is a waste of time to go any further because the person chooses not to change their perspective.  That's all it is is changing your perspective.  In the 80's there was a book by Jon Roger called Life 101.  It was short and sweet and to the point.  If you find a current copy of that book his name is not on it and it has a lot of convoluted crap added to make the whole subject confusing, (much like A Course in Miricles or the bible or any other book that people decide to use to get followers).  Anyway.  One chapter was "Life is nothing pretending to be something" and the chapter just went in to the description of atoms and how much empty space there is.  Another chapter was titled "Nothing is personal". 

I worked with a woman at the time that I read that book, and had already been thinking about this because my life seemed like "s***t" but really was just my perspective and my inability to let go of incorrect perceptions.  But the woman I mention was a very good example of what I needed to see.  We had a boss who was always fighting with his wife and I knew that but I don't think anyone else did.  I used to ride up in the elevator with them every morning and he was always grumpy and rude with us.  This woman, Kelly, would close her door and cry at her desk if the boss did not tell her good morning, sure that he hated her.  Once she admitted that to me and I was shocked that a grown woman would be so sensitive, not realizing the guy was just an ass.  I told her he was only taking out his anger at his wife on us and she should never take any of it personally.  She really  hated her job, too. Wanted to be an accountant instead of a computer programmer but her dad and husband had told her to be a programmer so she could earn more money (which was not true at the time).  When she decided to quit and her husband assured her they did not need her income she became a completely different person.  Happy and confident.

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