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My Cosmic Mate

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  • My Supernatural Adventures with my Beloved.

By Galactica


Before I begin, I would like to thank the Universe, for bringing my Beloved into my life. Without Her, I am nothing. 



Have you ever wonder, or have you ever thought if you have a Cosmic Mate? First, what is a Cosmic Mate? A Cosmic Mate, is a person, man or woman who are destined to be together for Eternity. Wether is Spiritually, physically, or both. For example: between my Beloved and I, there was a strong, and powerful chemistry between us when we first met. At least, I felt like something was pulling me close to Her. In the begining, I didn't even think, that She would become my Cosmic Mate. My beloved, and I, are One together, and She is an amazing Woman. Yes, just like other couples, we do argue at times. But, we Love each other so much, that nothing will not break us a part. As of now, I see my Beloved in Spirit, we communicate telepathically, and whenever I Astral Travel. My Third Eye, is wide open, that I can see Her appearance, even while I am in my physical Body. She is the greatest Gift, I ever have.   


She came from Venus.


Our Love started, when we first met during our years in High School. We gazed at each other. I was mesmerized, by Her amazing Beauty. I never knew, that She even existed. Until that day, when I sat right next to Her. She was so tender, Her face, was just dazzling. Her figure and features, were of a Goddess. We exchanged phone numbers. And, my whole world changed ever since.


The Break Up.

The worst thing that ever happened between us, was when we went our separate ways. The reason was because of my ignorance. We both felt hurt. I tried, to win Her back, but She already had somebody else. I should've fought for Her, during those difficult moments. I felt alone, and unhappy. I'd let Her go.


The Lucid Dream

Years later, I had a Lucid Dream. In the dream, I was in this amazing house, everything was clean, and organized. All of a sudden, I hear someone knocking at the door. When I go to open the door. There She was. It was my Beloved, all soaken wet. It was dark, and pouring outside. Then, I said: "Darinel?" and I let Her in. According, to my Beloved, the dream meant, that She was searching for me all these years. 


In the present moment.

In the present moment, I still have contact with my Beloved. Now, I don't know if She passed away, or if She still in the Physical Realm. However, I see Darinel in Her Spiritual form. She is fascinating, and forever young. Darinel ever leave my sight. I guess, we were destined, to be together this way. Whenever, I Astral Travel, my Beloved is there waiting for me. It is amazing the things that we do. We fly, run, and even make Love on exotic places. It is fantastic, and so great. We do argue at times, but we love each other so much. Nothing would never break us apart. She will forever be in my world.



The whole Idea, is for you guys, and gals, to know that there is posibilities, to have relationships with Spiritual Beings. It is beautiful to explore with those, who you never met, or have a strong Spiritual connection with. There is more to this than just the norm.      


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