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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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The Wailing Girl of Dead End Road

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The Wailing Girl of Dead End Road
By Paul Dale Roberts aka The Demon Warrior
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
Email: jazmaonline@gmail.com
Sacramento Paranormal Haunted Hotline: 916 203 7503


If you are visiting Elk Grove, CA - and you want to experience a ghostly presence, you can take the Laguna Blvd exit off I-5 South.  Go down Laguna Blvd, until you have reached Franklin Blvd.  Go down Franklin Blvd and make a left on Big Horn Blvd.  Follow Big Horn Blvd until you can't go any further, park your car and walk down the dead end road, that has been fenced off for the purpose of closing off incoming traffic.  Walk along the greenbelt, until you reach a large walnut tree to your right side and a fence closing off the rest of the street.  You will see railroad tracks past the fence.  You are now at the right spot to experience a ghostly presence, a ghostly presence referred to as the Wailing Girl of Dead End Road.

I first learned about this, because some of my neighbors know me as a ghost hunter.  Jonathan H, who does not want to be fully identified says that while walking his dog and walking with his wife, they went up the greenbelt on Big Horn Blvd and followed the greenbelt to it's dead end.  It was a Summer night and they could not sleep, because their air conditioner was out.  The time was 2 a.m.  and it felt refreshing to be in the warm Summer night taking a night walk.  When they got to the dead end part of Big Horn Blvd, they could hear a woman sobbing and crying.  Jonathan had his flashlight and pointed it towards the area where he heard the crying and could not see anything.  When the flashlight was pointing in the opposite direction, the crying sounds happened again.  Jonathan and his wife did not see any woman crying and cold chills went up and down their spines.  Jonathan's wife tells her husband..."let's get the hell out of here!"  Jonathan and his wife came to the conclusion that they witnessed something paranormal.  


Talking with some neighborhood high school boys, I learned that the dead end road was a hang out at times for high school kids, a place where they could vape and perhaps get into some other activities.  Dead End Road is very secluded from the rest of the neighborhood.  Lonnie (one of the high school boys) says a girl from his high school went to Dead End Road to party with some of her school mates.  This girl learned at Dead End Road that her boyfriend has been cheating with her best friend and some of the girls partying at Dead End Road showed this girl pictures of her boyfriend kissing her best friend.  The girl started sobbing and crying immediately.  When the party ended, the girl remained at Dead End Road and continued to cry.  I asked Lonnie and his friends, if the girl is still in the neighborhood and if she is still alive.  Lonnie says she moved to San Mateo with her parents and yes, she is very much alive.   Her life is now back to normal and she has a new man in her life.  This new man is her fiancee.  

So I wonder, did this crying high school girl project out a lot of negative energy at Dead End Road?  Is that negative energy residual energy that plays out over and over again?  Is this a case of a living ghost?  Living Ghost is defined as energy placed into the atmosphere by a living human being.  The energy can be negative or it can be positive and like a tape recorder, it will replay the incident over and over again.  A Living Ghost is residual energy that lives on forever.


Stanley Loomis from Stockton said that while visiting friends in Elk Grove, he has also took a stroll to Dead End Road and heard a girl crying.  Stanley looked around and saw no sign of a woman at that location, but did see a very large centipede cross the sidewalk and he watched the centipede as it skidaddled into a hole.  Stanley wonders if that was some kind of sign? My wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson - a psychic medium finds the place fascinating, because certain areas where you walk, you will find large hawk feathers and nearby are owls, hawks and falcons on the power lines looking into the fields for mice to feed on.  Late at night, you will see glowing eyes in the field, those glowing eyes are the numerous jackrabbits that make their home in the field.  Deanna and I, have not experienced the Wailing Girl.....well, not yet.

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