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Escape The Matrix

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A world with no rules.

By Galactica



In the past, I was asleep, and I did not know what was my true purpose in life. Neither, was I aware of who I truly am. I was not aware of my own Authentic Self. I was just another random stranger. I didn't know the whole concept, of who Jesus was, and what He represent. Nor I did not understand why, people were angry, at the Devil. I was taught, to go to School, and go to a Catholic Church on some Sundays. I was not sure, what was Spirituality. I was just blind, into thinking that the norm was the only truth for me.


It wasn't until, I've met, a great friend of mine, who's name is Junior Jim. This man, was like a young Morpheus, He taught me everything. From the Stone of fire, to the Chackras. This gentleman, knew so much, that I've decided to follow in his foot steps. I never thought, that I would know, what Junior knows. I never looked back ever since.

Ok, this is for those men and women, who are not awake yet. Eventhough, in this time and age, society is begining to wake up. However, there are a few who needs guidance. I am not here to teach you my techniques, but to free you from the norm.

"What is real? how do you define real?" Morpheus The Matrix.


My motive here is to teach you how to free your mind, from the norm. Since, the begining, society had brainwashed us. They manipulated us, by programming our minds to adjust to their system. Today, every time I go for a walk outside. All I see, is people texting, or looking at garbage on facebook. Nobody, seems to care anymore, about Nature, or even just wondering how did we even came into existence. Never stop to think, how is it that hair grow?, or how did The Universe knew, how, and where to place each body parts? Little things like that, people don't take into consideration. 


I am not here, to take you away from your daily activities. I am here to share with you all what I know. If you prefer, to be on the internet 24/7. Then go right ahead, for those who wish to learn the key, of what the true meaning of life is, then read on. 


What if you had, the ability to fly? What if you had, the ability to walk on water? Well my friends, what if I tell you, that you absolutely can? Would you believe me? I say don't believe me, and try it your self. Nope, not physically, but Spiritually. You see, each one of us have special Gifts. And, one of those special Gifts, is your Spirit. Your Spirit is what moves you. This amazing spark of Light, is your own very Essence. After this life, you will continue on living, your Spirit is Eternal, and will never decay. We each have our own unique, Reality. What is Reality? I'll tell you What is not. The everyday norm, a job keeps us busy. While on the other hand, we have bills to pay. When we are sick, we go to the Doctors. Instead, of using Natural Sources for our health. Unless, we break from that, we will be stuck. Society tricks your mind, into thinking, that the norm is the actual truth. Reality, is the truth. They program us to have fear, and keep us from reaching our Highest potential. The Universe, is slowly evolving, into something beyond wonders. And, so are we. Today, those who are so into their own Spirituality, are becoming aware, that there is far more to see. We are amazing creatures, just like the Animals are. 


I will continue my teachings on my next blog. If you have any questions. Please, feel free to leave a comment. Thank you! Many blessings! 

Remember, that nothing in this world is what it seems.                 





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