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Xavier Perez-Pons


It is known that the famous gangster Al Capone flirted with the paranormal and that, in his luxurious apartment in Chicago, he used to perform mysterious rituals with Parmesan cheese during which he recited spells in an obscure Italian dialect. That's why one of the worst threats you could receive from him was to find on your doorstep a big piece of cheese. It is also suspected that he possessed clairvoyance skills, which would explain why Elliot Ness founded so difficult to hunt him down. To fight him with his same methods, Ness had in his office a rag doll named “Capona” to which he used to nail pins while performing a voodoo dance. That explains why, at the time of his arrest, Capone appeared before the press with endless pins stuck all over his body. (By the way, Ness was such an honest man that, when Capone tried to bribe him, not only did he not accept the money but gave his failed briber a monthly wage from his own salary, which was also paid out of his own pocket.) 

Another famous gangster who flirted with the paranormal was Lucky Luciano, whose incredible luck he attributed to a gift of supernatural kind. Luciano's luck was such that, being once completely surrounded by the police, he managed to escape through a trapdoor that did not even exist. However, over the years it was discovered that his luck was not as supernatural as he claimed. Indeed, his fame of lucky was due in large part to the fact that every time he was machine-gunned (which happened several times a day), he came out of the shooting completely unscathed. Well, at his death it was discovered that he always carried in his pocket a huge magnet that deflected and trapped the bullets like a lightning rod the lightning.

For years, gang wars were a veritable plague in New York. There were five large families all at war with each other. But in each of these large families there were a lot of small families also at war with each other as well as with the small families of the other large families, while within each small family there were countless tiny families within which husband and wife were also at war with each other. And finally, all the families, large, small and tiny, were at war with one Seymour Talbot, no one knows for sure why (although everything points to his strange sense of humor). In short, family gatherings used to start and end with a shooting spree and the dead could numbered into dozens. For a gangster, living people had little value. Instead, they had the utmost respect for the dead. After each one of these bloody family gatherings, the survivors used to organize a heartfelt vigil in which the murderers sobbed inconsolably and tore their clothes and shouted for vengeance. Sometimes the vigil was followed by a séance, in the course of which the murderers requested the forgiveness of their victims. If the victims resisted giving it to them, then the murderers tried to bribe them. If the victims kept resisting, the murderers tried to compel the victims to forcibly pardon them. The medium Prosapia Giovo left one of these seances scandalized claiming that she had never witnessed a shooting between ghosts and living beings.


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