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You Can't Change People, Which Can Be Good




If you're trying to help people with mental health issues and/or individuals who are making a lot of mistakes in life and are headed in the wrong direction, you have to accept certain things.

One thing is that you can't change people.

Once an individual is around eleven or twelve years old, his/her basic value system is already set.  You can't change them.

That's not to say that teens and adults can't be helped.  But they're the way they are unless they choose to change and become a better person and/or they choose to turn their lives around in a positive way.

People can change.  However, you can't change them.

But I think, in a way, that's a good thing.  For example, if I were a person who wasn't nice and I could change you, I could turn you into a not-so-nice person.

So not being able to change people isn't necessarily a bad thing.


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Unusual Tournament


Sometimes things have to run their course. But you're wrong about change. People are constantly changing. Evolution is a biological work in progress so why wouldn't peoples behaviour and choices not change ? 

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