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There are times when I panic








There are times when I panic

I have come to the conclusion that there are aspects of myself that will always be a tad wild and out of control. Over long years of hit and miss, I have come to the realization that all I can do is love those little devils and stop fighting them. I just offer them to the Lord and they seem to quiet down a bit. I suppose we all have thorns in our side that keep us seeking inner balance. Maybe they are needed. There are times when I panic, then I look to the Lord and say, well here I go again, glad I can offer this to you. Whatever is good comes from you, your gift to me, well,all I have to offer is my struggle, inner pain, and my unbelief and doubt....and to my surprise, always, you take them and heal me just a little more. Trust is getting easier,
though still an uphill climb.--Br.MD



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Panic is not good those rollercoasters rides can be exhausting but you're awesome! Doing exactly the right thing, keep up the good work and sooner or later the panic WILL stop! And the trust will soon just come naturally the more you grow with Him the sooner you'll be at ease. "The essences is at ease", "The essences is at ease", "The ...

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You are welcome!

I think there are different levels of panic attacks. Some are more intense than others but if its brought on by anger then I go for a walk and I dont get very far before I realize that its gone

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