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Drinking While On Psychiatric Medications




Years ago, when I was battling issues with depression and anxiety, I asked my therapist at the time if she thought it was a bad idea for me to drink alcohol.

This counselor was a psychologist, not a psychiatrist.  So she wasn't a medical professional.

She said that I would have to ask my psychiatrist if it would interact with the psychiatric medications that I was on at the time.

But she went on to say that either way it would likely be a bad idea for me to drink because alcohol is a depressant and could increase the likelihood that I could become depressed again.  She also said that alcohol consumption can make impulsive thinking worse as well.  And making compulsive decisions were also a problem for me back then.

Hence, after hearing her response, I elected not to start drinking again ( I drank a little bit years before then when I was a teen).

So if you have mental illness and are on psychiatric medication(s), it may be a good idea to ask your shrink if it's a bad idea for you to drink if you're thinking about drinking in the future, especially since alcohol might interact with the pills you're on.



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Alcohol is bad for any mental illness, especially depression.

Then there's the fact that alcohol and antidepressants are a fatal combination. :hmm:


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It varies from person to person, but some anxiety medications are known for not mixing with alcohol.

Lyrica (Pregabalin) is just one example.

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