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Some Aren't As Happy As They Appear




When I was a teenager, I generally came across as a happy person.

But one high school student who I knew didn't like me because he was jealous of me.  He believed that my quality of life was better than his was at the time.  And I think that he thought that I was a happier person in life than him.

Little did he know that, back then, I was dealing with severe depression much of the time.  My life wasn't so rosy back then.

Just because someone appears to be happy, like I usually did back then, doesn't mean that they actually are.  Just because a person appears to have a life that's good doesn't mean it actually is.  You never really know what it's like to be someone else.  You never know what's going through somebody else's mind.

If he had known what I was going through back then, maybe he wouldn't have been so jealous.


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I remember thinking I had a fairly normal life as a teenager, now I know that wasn't true.  But even with what I went through I graduated with a girl who lived in her car all of senior year (this was the 70's) and another friend quit school at 15 because her mother kicked her out.  She stayed with us for a week then moved to Texas with her boyfriend.  Both of those girls were happy seeming girls, and they did find things to be happy about in spite of their circumstances.  But very few knew what they were really going through.

Even if we could walk a day in someone else's "shoes" we probably still wouldn't understand them completely.

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